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5 min readMay 2, 2022


The Second Half of April in 2022/NerveFarm Listing New Farming Pools

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Upgraded the NULS mainnet protocol, added a new protocol that supports one-stop crosschain transaction (assets and transaction fees for cross-chain transfers) and fixed other submitted issues from the community.
  • Assisted NTC to start the technical research on bridging assets between Nerve and Tron.
  • Assisted NTC to optimize the swap function of Nerve2.0.
  • Optimized POCM mobile version and it was already released in an official environment.


April 20th, it was announced that Dolphins Finance will be joining NULS POCM platform soon. Dolphins Finance is a decentralized trading platform that provides one-stop DeFi services such as lending and staking mining.

Welcome on board, Dolphins Finance!

April 23rd, it was announced that MetaMerce will be joining NULS POCM platform soon. MetaMerce is an entertainment city in Metaverse where you can shop, game, chat, create your own content, and buy with cryptocurrency.

Welcome on board, MetaMerce!

April 27th, it was announced that cFive will be joining NULS POCM platform soon. c5 provides blockchain consultancy services including Grows Strategy, Ads Management, Listing Services, and New Partnerships.

Welcome on board, cFive!

Collaboration & Trading

Apr 15th, it was announced that on LetsExchange, users are able to swap more than 370 coins to $NULS with the best rates.

Apr 15th, a blockchain media Procommun published an article: NULS, builds the next blockchain solution for the enterprise.

Apr 16th, SwapBox, a product of Nabox, announced its upcoming stable-coin staking pools.

A briefing introduction of USDNT/USDCN

Apr 18th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork published an article that explained to us how to participate in Nerve consensus staking.

Staking Guide (CN):

Apr 18th, Let’s check out the latest NULS POCM staking chart!

Apr 19th, Nuls is now listed on LunarCrush! Track real-time $NULS social + market activity, social influencers, trading pairs, top posts, and more at

Apr 20th, NULS ecosystem NFT project NFTCircle launched another NFTs giveaway event!

Apr 21st, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork has supported Tron network. Users are now able to use NerveSwap to achieve stable-coin crosschain swap.

Apr 21st, NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on YouTube about NULS signature tools.

Apr 22nd, NULS shared a presentation of Earhart about its latest project progress. Learn how Earhart combined blockchain and the space industry:

Earhart Youtube Live Presentation :

Apr 23rd, Nulswap, a DEX built on NULS network by NULS community members, will launch its IDO soon!

Apr 24th, Published by Cryptolaxy: NULS was ranked as the highest level of daily social volume increase among its listed coins.

Apr 26th, NULS built a partnership with MetaPath and will be listed on its trading platform soon.

Apr 26th, NULS had its nodes updated. This update is a mandatory update, NULS contract assets will be restored once the updates are complete.

Update Detail (CN):

Apr 28th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork launched a new farming pool on its farm section. Stake USDTN-VIBK LP/NULS-VIBK LP to earn VIBK.

Apr 30th, NULS invited its SCO partner — Tidal Global to NULS telegram community for an AMA session. Tidal sent 200 USDT away for best questions!

Apr 30th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork launched a new farming pool on its farm section. Stake USDTN-ANON LP to earn ANON.

In the Second Half of April, NerveSwap, a product of NerveNetwork, has been listed on ONTOWallet, HyperPay, and BitKeep.

NerveSwap DApp

In the Second Half of April, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork has built crosschain bridges for YOOSHI, SCFL, QUACK, SMART, PIT.

NerveBridge DApp

In the Second Half of April, SwapBox, a product of Nabox has listed VIBK, ANON on its Layer2 farming pool section. NUT farm to be listed on SwapBox soon.

SwapBox DApp

Community Governance

Apr 28th, Kathy, one of the NULS NTC community members, submitted a proposal requesting 3 NULS nodes for NULS western Marketing. The proposal is being voted on.

Proposal Details:

NULS Portuguese Ambassador Cristinh0 submitted a proposal for an ambassador renewal. The proposal is being voted.

Proposal Details:

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