NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of October 2021

  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Other News

Technical Progress


In the first half of October, NULS ecological DEX — NerveDEX created MVH/eMVH、OLD/ eOLD、GCC/ bGCC and other trading pairs. Users who participate in MVH, OLD, GCC on the NULS POCM platform can swap their assets to the native form using NerveDEX.

Collaboration & Trading

Oct 18th, NULS partner NerveNetwork updated to 1.15.1, one of the major upgrades was that NerveNetwork added TRON to its’ cross chain network. NerveNetwork will provide cross chain supports for projects on TRON.

Other news

Oct 20th, NULS Community Contributors selection in Q3 was completed. Congratulations to @Andace, @游击手, @TotheTop33, @真诚第一, you are the mostly voted contributors!

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