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Second Half of November in 2023 / NULS Explorer Updated Version is Now Live

5 min readDec 4, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Upgraded the NULS main-net version and subsequent procedures.
  • Started to develop and test the upgraded version of the NULS explorer.
  • Assisted NTC in releasing the new version 1.30.0 of Nerve.


November 24th, NULS released the details of the real-time Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for SCO projects.

November 29th, Dian officially launched on the NULS POCM platform, allowing participation in DND asset mining with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. Dian is a centralized artificial intelligence cryptocurrency trading platform.

Collaboration & Trading

November 15th, the article “How NULS solutions leverage cross-chain tech” was published, highlighting how NULS utilizes its cross-chain technology to facilitate seamless communication and value exchange between different blockchains.

November 16th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem wallet, announced that its multi-chain aggregation protocol, SwapBox, now supports the Bitgert network. It also added support for cross-chain exchanges of BRISE assets across multiple chains

November 16th, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange, NerveSwap, launched BRISE-NVT trading pair.

November 17th, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe released a video on his YouTube channel, introducing NULS message encryption dApp.

November 17th, NerveNetwork, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, NerveNetwork, announced the integration of the Scroll blockchain. Its ecosystem DApps have been fully deployed on Scroll network.

November 17th, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork has completed a version upgrade.

November 17th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem wallet, announced that its multi-chain aggregation protocol, SwapBox, has integrated the Scroll blockchain. It now supports cross-chain exchanges for ETH (Scroll) assets.

November 18th, NULS Ambassador Felipe from Brazil released a video on his YouTube channel about Nulswap Lending Features”

November 19th, NULS ecosystem NerveNetwork multi-routing protocol now supports assets such as ETH and USDT from the Scroll network.

November 20th, NULS Turkey Ambassador koinmilyoner published an article introducing the modular architecture of NULS blockchain.

November 21st, PayBox, the payment solution of Nabox wallet, was launched on Nabox ID (Beta) platform.

November 22nd, NULS Ambassador Felipe from Brazil released a video on his YouTube channel titled “6 Years of NULS, What to Expect in the Future”

November 23rd, NULS YouTube channel surpassed 10,000 subscribers. Thanks to the continuous support from the NULS community and ecosystem partners!

November 25th, NULS Ambassador Felipe from Brazil takes you into the NULS ecosystem’s DeFi landscape.

November 28th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveNetwork, announced its upcoming support for the Manta network. This move aims to facilitate communication between assets in the NULS ecosystem and Manta network.

November 28th, users can now provide liquidity for NULS-USDTN trading pair on NerveSwap to participate in NerveFarm staking.

November 28th, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork, released the upgraded version v1.30.0. The new protocol will support the Manta blockchain and is set to be effective when the block height reaches 52,350,000.

November 29th, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork announced that its mainnet consensus staking has supported NVT-USDCN LP staking.

In the latter half of November 2023, NULS ecosystem NerveBridge, empowered assets such as VOLT, 0x0, CRAZYRABBIT, to achieve multi-chain interaction.


Community Governance

NULS welcomes the community members to exercise their governance rights by initiating proposals, participating in proposals, and exercising their voting rights in the governance platform on the NULS forum.

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