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First Half of January in 2024 / NULS Explorer is Now Updated

4 min readJan 16, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Conducted testing and optimization for the upgraded version of the NULS Explorer.
  • Upgraded the dependencies of various application backend systems.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing the Nerve Explorer.
  • Assisted NTC in conducting research and pre-integration with Bitcoin network.


January 5th, one of the most popular SCO projects, InfinityBit, is leading the trend! Over 1,615,000 NULS staked so far and the staking APR is 25.23%.

January 8th, Intdestcoin joined the POCM staking platform, and the staking is now activated.

Intdestcoin is a digital ecosystem designed to break down geographical barriers and offer a platform for the universal validation of digital content. NULS holders can now stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn INTD tokens.

January 9th, NULS started a “Your-Favorite-SCO-Project” vote on Twitter. AlveyChain ended up as the most-voted SCO project in this poll.

January 11th. Having trouble finding out the right SCO projects to stake your NULS? We got you covered! The POCM staking platform is a registration platform, we can’t ensure a future for projects who signed up for it, but we can stake our NULS smartly! Take a look at the chart below, and find the most profitable project to invest your capital!

January 13th, NULS welcomes DonDollarsToken to join the POCM staking platform.DonDollars is inspired by the rich aesthetics of mafia movies, built upon the principles of transparency, fairness, and community-driven growth.

Collaboration & Trading

January 1st, NULS expressed the team’s New Year wishes and deep gratitude to the NULS community on Twitter.

January 2nd, NULS organized an AMA session and invited its POCM partners for a discussion on Twitter Space! Audiences who join the space will have a chance to split 500 NULS coins. The event has ended and the winners have been distributed.

January 2nd, Nulscription, a new token standard on NULS is yet to come!

January 3rd, a NULS ecosystem yield farming DApp, SwapBox L2 farm, launched LP mining for NVT-REI liquidity pair. The farm is still live, participate through the link below.

January 3rd, NULS Brazil YouTube Channel released a video, introducing the NULS POCM liquidity mode.

January 3rd, NerveNetwork, a NULS ecosystem cross-chain provider, was selected as one of the ETC Ecosystem 2023 Spotlight projects. Congratulations.

January 4th, NerveFarm brings you profitable staking opportunities, in which you can stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS. The staking is currently live and the real-time APR is 21%.

January 4th, NULS was giving away 500 NULS coins in the first AMA session in 2024! Simply participate by the instructions given in the tweet.

January 4th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem multichain wallet, released its roadmap for 2024.

January 9th, NerveNetwork, a NULS ecosystem crosschain provider, will soon integrate the Bitcoin ecosystem, connecting EVMs to Bitcoin Network.

January 9th, NULS ecosystem NerveFarm offers passive staking options that allow users to stake to earn multiple assets. Watch the YouTube video produced by NULS’s Brazil ambassador to find out more details.

January 10th, NULS had its 2024 roadmap updated and announced on Twitter. Things to do in 2024 include a lot of significant milestones:

  • Developing a new NULS Explorer with a refreshing UI and more practical features.
  • Assisting NerveNetwork in implementing a cross-chain bridge between Bitcoin to EVM networks
  • Adding ChainBox Bitcoin Layer2 module to the NULS frame.
  • Assisting NerveNetwork in developing an NFT crosschain solution.
  • Bringing more projects to NULS POCM staking platform.

Read the threads to find more details:

January 10th, NULS joined an AMA session titled “Navigating the Convergence of Layer 2 & Blockchain Ecosystems”, hosted by Klein Labs.

January 11th, one of the NULS SCO partners, GG Dapp, was listed on BingX exchanged! Congratulations!

January 13th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem multichain wallet, added X1 zkEVM Layer2 Network to its supported blockchain.

January 14th, with the cross-chain support from NerveNetwork, NULS is building an extension ecosystem for Bitcoin! All the NULS ecosystem projects will benefit from this integration.

In the first half of January, NULS ecosystem crosschain provider, NerveNetwork implemented crosschain bridges for BOB, INTD, KIRA, HAVL, DDLS to achieve multichain interaction.

Community Governance

  • Community Governance NULS Vietnam Ambassador GU has initiated a proposal for the first quarter of 2024. The proposal has been accepted by the community.

  • NULS Turkey Ambassador KoinMilyoner has initiated a proposal for the first quarter of 2024. The proposal has been accepted by the community.

  • NULS India Ambassador Pizza has initiated a proposal for the first quarter of 2024. The proposal has been accepted by the community.

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