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Second Half of January in 2023 / ENULS Main-net is Launching Shortly

5 min readFeb 1, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC to process the latest Nerve network data package and transferred the data to nodes.
  • Assisted NTC to optimize the Nerve network swap module to improve system stability.
  • Optimized the node program using the data obtained from ENULS test net.
  • Improved the contract authentication function of ENULS blockchain scan.


January 19, BuzaCoin was officially launched on NULS POCM platform. Users can stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn BUZ assets.

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January 23, Silicone was officially launched on NULS POCM platform. Users can stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn SGT assets.

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January 23, Beepo announced that it would launch on NULS POCM platform soon.

Beepo is a decentralized multi-chain protocol designed to solve problems related to the handling of private information in the crypto industry.

January 29, Sevenrings announced that it would launch on NULS POCM platform soon. Sevenrings aims to release the liquidity of blockchain assets through a decentralized ecosystem, thereby improving the lack of liquidity of current crypto assets.

Collaboration & Trading

January 16, NULS announced a strategic cooperation with a decentralized curation platform — Wormhole3. Wormhole3 will be deployed on ENULS ecosystem after the ENULS mainnet is activated.

January 18, with the continuous output of the NULS coins from its consensus mining, the amount of NULS ecosystem airdrop incentive tokens has accumulated to 20,000 NULS!

January 19, NULS released its 2023 roadmap. The Brazilian NULS Ambassador Felipe shared and introduced the latest updates on his YouTube channel.

January 19, a NULS ecosystem wallet — Nabox, has supported ENULS test net.

January 20, a web3 decentralized wallet — ONTO wallet, has supported ENULS testnet.

January 20, the NULS — USDTN LP staking pool is still live on NerveFarm. Stake NULS — USDTN LP to earn NULS, the current APR is slightly over 77%.


January 20, NULS participated in the 2023 Lunar New Year Red Pocket event, organized by a NULS ecosystem project — Wormhole3.

January 21, Vinicius Bitnoob, a YouTube blogger from the NULS Brazilian community, released a video on his YouTube channel introducing the upcoming ENULS and its ecosystem projects.

January 21, Nulswap, a NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange, will be adding some new functions shortly!

January 22, NULS and its ecosystem partners Nabox, NerveNetwork, Bridge Oracle, CUBISWAP, and IvyMartket launched an airdrop event with a total reward of 60,000 NULS for BAB Holders. The event will not end until June 15, 2023.

Join the Airdrop and win some NULS away!

January 26, NULS published an article on its Medium channel: “How to Interact with Existing ENULS Ecosystem Applications”.

January 26, LunnarCruash, a well-known crypto media in the industry, ranked the crypto assets of the day according to their Galaxy Index, and NULS entered the top ten list!

January 27, NULS briefly explained its underlying modular structure, which mainly includes four modules: cross-chain module, smart contract module, and POC consensus module.

January 29, Reaper, the co-founder of NULS spoke about the upcoming ENULS mainnet and its ecosystem projects.

In the second half of January 2023, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveBridge has completed cross-chain bridges for BFG, HELLO, TOMI, CERE, BICO, and other assets to realize multi-chain interaction.

NerveBridge DApp:

Community Governance

  • NULS Brazilian Ambassador Felipe initiated the ambassador proposal for the first quarter of 2023. The proposal has been approved and is being conducted.

Proposal & Vote

  • A Community member Bullish Pizza initiated the NULS India Ambassador proposal. The proposal has been approved and is being conducted.

Proposal & Vote

  • A NULS Community director Steven announced the details of the four active NULS ambassador nodes, and expressed his appreciation to the community partners and NULS supporters.

  • A NULS POCM partner, Vibook, updates its project progress from the third quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023.

  • A NULS Community director Reaper released a tutorial on NULS forum : “Participate in the ENULS testing to share ecosystem airdorp”.

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