NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of July in 2022 / NerveFarm listed NULS-USDTN Pool

4 min readAug 3, 2022


  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Completed the NULS network v2.14.0 protocol upgrade.
  • Developed new functions & features for POCM products.
  • Assisted NTC to fix a series of transactional problems of NerveBridge, and improved the stability of cross-chain interaction.


July 17th, the NULS staking amount of NULS SCO projects — Bridge Oracle ranked first on the POCM platform!

July 19th, VRGWallet announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM platform. VRG integrates NFT trading markets, multi-chain wallets, and other products, users can buy/sell/exchange/transfer assets or NFTs through the VRG platform.

July 20th, CR7SWAP announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM platform. CR7SWAP is a web3 game built on BSC network, with NFT trading market, decentralized trading platform, and other functions.

July 21st, the top 6 projects with the highest APR on the NULS POCM platform were released.

Find more POCM projects to

Collaboration & Trading

July 15th, NULS reached strategic cooperation with Project Mathew, and NULS is committed to provide community and cross-chain support required for Project Mathew’s ecosystem construction.

July 17, NULS Turkish Ambassador KOiNMiLYONER released the article “NULS opens up a new chapter in DeFi” on Twitter.

July 18th, Nulswap, the NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange, developed by NULS community members, announced the 2-days countdown for its IDO.

July 20th, Nabox, the NULS ecosystem wallet, integrated real-time price query function of CoinMarketCap.

July 21st, Felipe, the Brazilian ambassador of NULS, published an article “NULS will gradually be compatible with the Ethereum EVM and pave the path for ecosystem development and cross-chain interoperability”.

July 22nd, NerveFarm listed NULS-USDTN LP farming pool. Stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn $NULS.

July 22nd, NULS was selected as one of the top 15 projects of the Galaxy Score comprehensive board. Galaxy Score is an industry-renowned index analysis platform that integrates community metrics extracted from the network to measure crypto projects.

NULS Multi-Signature is now available, use it to sign transactions to protect your assets!


How to interact with

July 27th, We had an AMA with one of our SCO partners — BRG in the NULS telegram community, as the guest, BRG provided $100 BRG as the community rewards.

July 28, Felipe, the Brazil ambassador of NULS, published an article “NerveBridge, providing Necessary Cross-Chain Interoperability for NULS and its ecosystem projects”.

In the second half of July, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveNetwork, completed crosschain bridge for MIR, PTS, EZXO.

NerveBridge DApp

In the second half of July, NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox added Ethereum Classic and Astar blockchain to its supported networks.


Community Governance

July 25th, the NULS community ambassador recruitment for the fourth quarter was launched. Visiting more details such as ambassador election rules, responsibilities, obligations, and more in the NULS forum.

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