NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of August 2021

OKExchain, OEC, officially deploys NerveNetwork mainnet nodes.

  • Technical Progress

Technical Progress

  • Identify the POCM requirements that will be incorporated in the next POCM release.


August 16, 23, 30: 2021, NULS and SCO partner CobaltLend co-hosted the voice chat weekly event called Crypto Corner. Guests included Token Republic, CryptoBank, Altcoin Sara, and topics varied from NFTs to blockchain education.

August 16–31: NerveDEX listed the trading pairs PTE/ bPTE, KSF/ eKSF, JDI/ bJDI, FAR/ bFAR. These pairs are swapped 1-to-1. That is the value of the NULS token, for example, PTE, is equal to the value of its Binance counterpart bPTE. Users who stake in the SCO projects Peet DeFi, KesefFinance, Jdiyield, and FarSwap earn the PTE, KSF, JDI, and FAR token respectively.

August 29: CloudCoin Finance launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. CloudCoin Finance is creating a new type of decentralized multichain finance ecosystem by using the post blockchain CloudCoin, the patented RAIDA technology, and BSC. Welcome! CloudCoin Finance.

August 29: DNFT launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. DNFT will provide cross-chain NFT management for NFT assets. The DNFT protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network based on Polkadot. Welcome! DNFT.

August 30: Texochat launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. Texochat is an encrypted messaging platform based on blockchain. Welcome!, Texochat.

August 30: GameX announced it will join the NULS SCO platform. The GameX platform includes games, GameX art, an NFT market. It is founded by gamers across the world. (GameX launched its project on the NULS SCO platform in early September 2021.) Welcome! GameX.


August 16–31: The cross-chain bridge NerveBridge DApp enabled PTE, iNFT, KSF, JDI, MOONSTAR, BASIC, 8BIT, and other assets for cross-chain transactions.

August 17: The OKEx Wallet uses the NerveBridge DApp for cross-chain transactions and swaps.

August 18: The Bitmart trading platform is listing the Nabox wallet token NABOX. Quoting Bitmart, “To celebrate the listing of NABOX and give back to our global communities, we will offer NABOX Hold & Earn Promotion, to win your share of 560,000,000 NABOX.” Thank you Bitmart for the celebratory gesture. Congratulations! Nabox wallet.

August 18: ApeSwap announced support for the Nabox wallet. To celebrate ApeSwap launched NABOX-BNB LP to earn BANANA, and stake GNANA to earn NABOX. ApeSwap is a BSC DeFi platform providing Yield Farming and Staking. ApeSwap is forked from PancakeSwap.

August 19: The current “Staking ROI” report for the NULS Ecosystem was released. Included are the main network, POCM platform (now called SCO Platform), and Nerve network. Also, the DeFi cross-chain application revenue details for BSC, Heco, OEC, and other networks.

August 19: NULS and 4EVERLAND have officially established a blockchain ecosystem partnership. Both parties, with their combined technologies, will jointly promote applications to achieve DWEB decentralized hosting and full access to the Web3.0 world. “4EVERLAND is a blockchain technology-powered cloud computing platform, designed to help developers develop Web 3.0 applications efficiently. It features global acceleration, privacy protection, and distributed storage.” “The Web 3.0 definition can be expanded as follows: data will be interconnected in a decentralized way, which would be a huge leap forward to our current generation of the internet (Web 2.0), where data is mostly stored in centralized repositories.”

August 20: NULS and WePiggy reached a strategic partnership. “WePiggy is an open-source, non-custodial, crypto-asset lending market protocol. In WePiggy’s market, users can deposit their crypto assets to earn interest, or borrow other crypto assets by paying interest”.

August 23: OKExChain (OEC) has officially deployed the NULS NerveNetwork mainnet node to enable cross-chain asset development within the OEC network.

August 23: CryptoDiffer, is a respected aggregator of crypto news. CryptoDiffer announced the top 15 projects with a current market value of 40 million to 60 million US dollars and with the potential to grow. Check out where NULS is listed! Congratulations! NULS.

August 23: BSC HoneyFarm launched NABOX-BUSD LP.

August 23: NFT art created by community member @Fly_DiDiDi successfully sells on NFTCircle. Congratulations! @Fly_DiDiDi, we wish you a successful career as an NFT artist.

August 25: Nalex, a member of the NULS community, created a series of NULS NFT artwork. His NFT artwork has been verified by TradeTrust and is listed for auction on NFTCircle. Congratulations! Nalex.

August 30: BSC ApeSwap launched NVT-BNB LP: stake NVT to earn BANANA, and stake BANANA to earn NVT.

Other News

August 16: The winners of the retweet initiated by NULS and CherrySwap were announced. Congratulations! to the ten winners.

August 20: Our first NULS logo (there had been three) has been immortalized as an NFT. It was auctioned on the NFTCircle platform. The auction used the NFTCircle’s EWA method (Win-Win Auction), where all participants benefit (win).

August 23: Berzeck, NULS Community Director and NerveNetwork Founder, and Clinton, Nabox Community Manager, participated in an ApeSwap hosted AMA. The ApeSwap community asked excellent questions about the Nabox, NerveNetwork, and NULS features, capabilities, and futures. It was well appreciated and attended. Thank you! Berzeck and Clinton.

August 26: community members compiled and released “How Xiaobai Users Participate in Blockchain Asset Mining”. (Mining is also referred to as Staking.) The article uses the NULS exosystem as an example to review the many staking opportunities available.

August 28: NULS hosted an AMA for guest ApeSwap. The NULS Community (English chat) welcomed ApeSwap. The winners of the top ten questions receive awards.

August 30: ChainCatcher, a respected blockchain news site, published their article “Decentralized Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol NerveNetwork, Integrated DeFi Deep Development”. The article examines the design, capabilities, and future developments of NerveNetwork in parallel with DeFi applications and opportunities. “It is believed that in the near future, with the support of the NerveNetwork cross-chain bridge, the blockchain industry will surely present a smooth scene of the interconnection of all chains.”

Community Governance

  • Community Director Zhou Wei resigns as a Technical Director of the NULS Council. Mr. Wei will continue his development work with NULS Core Team. Thank you Mr. Wei for your contributions to the NULS Council and your continued contributions to NULS.

  • Community director Aurora submitted “NULS Chinese Community Content Contribution Proposal Q4”. The proposal is in the voting process. Thank you, Aurora, for your continued commitment to this important contribution.

  • Spanish Ambassador Noel submitted his Spanish Ambassador proposal for Q4 2021. His proposal has passed. Congratulations Noel, and thank you for your continued commitment to NULS.

  • The NULS SCO partner CobaltLend submitted the “NULS Marketing Proposal From SCO Partner Cobalt.” The NULS SCO Projects will engage social promoters to promote the Projects. The promoters will be reimbursed via the rewards from a dedicated consensus node. The proposal has passed. Thank you Michael@CobaltLend for driving this initiative.

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