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6 min readOct 2, 2022


Second Half of September in 2022 / NULS is celebrating its 5th birthday

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • ENULS entered a testing phase.
  • Optimized data package provided by the public service API of the NULS network, thus improved stability.
  • Assisted NTC in maintaining Nerve virtual bank nodes, supplemented virtual bank node fees and restored Ethereum node data synchronization.


September 16, KNOX File Source was officially launched on the NULS POCM platform. The minimum staking amount is 100NULS.

KnoxFS is committed to building a decentralized storage tool that protects ​​data security and privacy.

September 20, VRGwallet announced that it will join the NULS POCM platform soon. VRG provides NFTMarketplace, multi-chain wallet and other services. Users can buy/sell/exchange/transfer tokens or NFTs through the VRG platform/Wallet.

September 24, Centroland announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM staking mining platform. CentroLand is a decentralized Nft exchange and Matic Network based marketplace that allows users to create, buy and sell NFTs.

September 25th, Padmon officially launched on the NULS POCM platform. Stake a minimum of 100NULS to participate in staking.

September 27th, Centroland officially launched on the NULS POCM platform. Stake a minimum of 100NULS to participate in staking.

Collaboration & Trading

September 16, NULS Brazilian ambassador published an article and explained how to use Nabox wallet and NerveBridge to participate in the NULS POCM staking.

September 16, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem wallet, supported Ledger hardware wallet.

September 19th, NULS POCM partner Padmon visited the NULS telegram community for an AMA event.

September 19, NULS announced a strategic partnership with Ivy Market. NULS ecosystem will be integrating Ivy Market NFT market and launching a series of anniversary airdrops in the next few days.

September 20, a blockchain influencer Voepa released a video on his YouTube channel to introduce the development of NULS POCM platform.

September 20, Rance Protocol came as a guest in the NULS telegram community for an AMA event.

The 5th anniversary of NULS is coming! Follow NULS Twitter and participate in continuous community airdrops and get staking rewards!

September 23, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange Nulswap launched GGTK-NSWAP liquidity pool.

September 24, Nulswap, the NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange, announced a list of important events within the 30-day launch of its products.

September 26, NULS POCM partner KNOX File Source came as a guest to the NULS telegram community for an AMA event.

September 26, NULS announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with PECland, a metaverse social game platform.

September 27, the NULS domain service developed by NFTCircle team has now officially opened registration, which has a limited supply of 5,000 domain names.

Registration entry:

September 28th, at the time of NULS’s 5th anniversary, Reaper Ran, the co-founder of NULS, wrote a letter to the NULS community!

Thanks to every supporter from the NULS community.

September 28th, NULS came as a guest at Genki’s twitter space, and we invited many NULS ecosystem projects & partners to participate in the discussions.

September 28, Suisse Blockchain sent its fifth anniversary wishes to NULS.

September 28, NULS’s 5th anniversary NFT collection was officially launched on the Ivy Market, with a limited sale of 300 pieces, of which 250 pieces were listed for sale on the NFT market, and 50 pieces will be used for community airdrops.

Link to purshace:

September 29, NULS and ArivaCoin launched an anniversary airdrop event. Complete related tasks to share ARV worth $500 and 10 anniversary NFTs! The event is underway!

Tasks :

September 30, the anniversary NFT pledge channel has been opened! You can already stake NFTs at, it should be noted that the staking income will start to be calculated on October 15th.

Staking and purchasing tutorial:

Community Governance

  • A NULS community member — pieceofthepy, published a NULS SCO social media promotion proposal and applied for 390,000 NULS community fund staking support for 3 months. The proposal is under discussion.

Proposal details:

  • NULS Turkish Ambassador koinmilyoner published a proposal for the fourth quarter ambassador election, it has passed the discussion. Vote for him through the link below.

Report/Proposal details:
Voting link:

  • NULS Brazilian Ambassador Felipe published a proposal for the fourth quarter ambassador election, the proposal has passed discussion. Vote for him through the link below.

Details of the report/proposal:
Vote link:

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