NULS Community Briefing

The First Half of April in 2022/NULS POCM Platform — A DAO Platform

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC to develop the “Info” section of Nerve 2.0. The “Info” section provides an entrance for users to access to Nerve pool liquidity information, trading data, etc.
  • Assisted NTC to complete NerveBridge “one-station” crosschain function. Crosschain performance was greatly optimized.
  • Assisted NTC to optimize Nerve2.0 products based on the feedback received from the testing version, and updated it to the latest version.
  • Optimized the POCM mobile product prototype, adjusted partial interface, and completed the prototype review and design drawings.


Apr 1st, FREY announced that they will join NULS POCM platform soon! FREY is a virtual ecology, aimed at the diverse gaming community which can get easily onboarded from regular platforms.

Welcome on board, FREY!

Apr 5th, NULS ecosystem NFT projects — NiftyFuse launched its first staking module.​​

Apr 7th, FREY POCM was activated! Staking APY up to 17918%.

Apr 8th, our SCO partner — EarHart, had a live stream showcasing their first module for the aviation industry.

Apr 11th, Tidal was activated on NULS POCM platform! Tidal is a decentralized productivity suite powered by Polygon and HaxionChain.

Apr 14th, SoCialFi will be joining NULS POCM platform soon!

SoCialFi is a decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform launching disruptive applications for social finance. Welcome on board, SoCialFi!

Collaboration & Trading

Apr 1st, NULS ecosystem wallet — Nabox, reached a partnership with iSwap. Nabox integrated iSwap swapping routes! Enjoy 0 swapping fee for transactions over $10,000.

Apr 2nd, NULS integrated price widget from With this being done, Price Page users can stay on top of the latest updates including NULS’s products and services, the latest price, trading volume, live charts, and more.​​

Apr 5th, NULS updated the latest POCM platform staking APR chart!

Apr 6th, FREY, an SCO partner of NULS, came to the NULS telegram community for an AMA session and Airdrpped $100 FREY as rewards to the community.

Apr 6th, NULS launched the “EngageTo Earn” event! Users will be able to win free NABOX tokens by interacting with NULS tipper bot in NULS and Nabox telegram community! Prize pool :5,000,000 NABOX up for grab!

Apr 6th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveNetwork released their consensus staking APR chart.

Apr 7th, NULS Message Signature was released. It has 4 functions, which are Sign, Verify, Encrypt, and Decrypt.

How to interact with NULS Message Signature DApp:

Apr 7th, NULS Brazil ambassador released a video on YouTube — “NULS, the blockchain revolution”

Apr 12th, it was announced on Twitter that “NULS NULS POCM is a DAO, a PoS platform where you never risk your principal, a blockchain projects incubator where initial community & funding support can be found”

Come to and create a DAO if you have any ideas, we will give full support!

Apr 13rd, NULS ecosystem Nabox wallet, announced that their stable-coin pool will be launched soon!

Apr 14th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork published an article on Medium— “How to add liquidity and Farm on NerveSwap”.

In the First half of April, NULS ecosystem wallet, Nabox added new supported blockchains: Klaytn, Celo, AURORA, Gnosis Chain.

In the First half of April, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveNetwork bulit crosschain bridges for DEMON, GART, EWT, GMT, HIGH, YOOSHI.

Community Governance

Apr 9th, NULS Spanish Ambassador Noel released the work report for the first quarter of 2022.

Work Report:

Apr 10th, NULS Portuguese Ambassador Cristina released the work report for the first quarter of 2022 and submitted an application for an ambassador proposal. The proposal is being voted.

Work Report:


April 10th, NULS Turkey Ambassador Koinmilyoner released the work report for the first quarter of 2022.

Work Report:

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