NULS Community Briefing

5 min readApr 2, 2022


The Second Half of March in 2022/NULS Message Signature DApp is now completed

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC to develop the “Info” feature of Nerve 2.0, testing run is already completed! “Info” feature will be available soon.
  • Assisted NTC to collect and organize the feedback of all Nerve2.0 products. Issues and bugs submitted will be taken care of in April.
  • NULS Message Signature DApp is completed testing and ready to launch.
  • Collected feedback from users regarding on NULS POCM mobile version and adjusted the product prototype. Issues and bugs collected will be optimize in April.


March 23rd, NULS announced an SCO partnership with Tidal Global!

Tidal — A full-featured DAPP suite designed to put your data back into your hands and maintain maximum privacy.

Welcome on board! Tidal!

March 24th, NULS announced an SCO partnership with DolphinsFinance.

DolphinsFinance — Providing investors a friendly environment with a wide range of services such as staking, farming and lending/borrowing services.

Welcome on board, DolphinsFinance!

March 25th, NULS announced an SCO partnership with UniqueSmartSwap.

UniqueSmartSwap is a Polygon-based DEX that is dedicated to providing users with a CEX-level trading experience.

Welcome on board, UniqueSmartSwap!

Collaboration & Trading

Till March 18th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork has built bridges to 12 mainstream blockchains including Etheruem,BNB Chain,Polygon, etc. Users are now able to crosschain assets across these networks with a simple click!

March 18th, due to the change of FantomLive’s token contract, FantomLive SCO stakers are required to crosschain $FTL to Fantom network before they can receive the new tokens.

March 18th, NULS SCO partner SmaungNFTs has reached a partnership with Nabox. $SMG users can now crosschain swap $SMG between BNB Chain and NerveNetwork using SwapBox.

March 21st, in this week CryptoCorner, NULS invited Volterra in the discussion of “How we solve blockchain problems and create new ones”

March 22nd, Binance announced that users can now purchase NULS with major fiat currencies using credit/debit cards!

March 25th, NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on Youtube, click the link below and check it out.

March 26th, NerveNetwork, a crosschain protocol in NULS ecosystem announced that :” in the first season of 2022, 4 more crosschainbridges were completed. More bridges, more assets, more liquidity bring more opportunities for the Nerve ecosystem builders. TVL in Nerve ecosystem has reached to $35,002,737.29, and still counting!

March 27th, a blockchain media, Crypto Discussion is organizing an AMA for NULS and NerveNetwork, more details are bring discussed!

March 28th, NULS Tipper bot, developed by one of the NULS community members, is now available in Nabox telegram community. Run NULS Tipper bot in Nabox telegram community to share 5,000,000 $NABOX!

March 28th, Harmony Launcher reached a partnership with NULS.

March 28th, in the week CryptoCorner, NULS invited Vibook and other SCO partners, started a discussion about “Passive income, win NULS, good times”

March 29th, NULS SCO partner UniqueSmartSwap will join an AMA session with NULS community and send $100 USMART giveaway!

March 31st, NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on YouTube.

In the first half of March, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork built crosschain bridges for OLIVE, TKA, ZONO, CWE to interact with over 13 different blockchains.

In the second half of March, NULS ecosystem wallet, Nabox, has integrated in Optisim, IoTex, Metis ecosystem.

Community Governance

NULS community member Matty and Angie submitted a proposal of 390,000 NULS to be staked on the node, to support their social prmotion plans.

Vote here:

Turkish NULS Ambassador, Koinmilyoner, submitted the Ambassador Application for the second quarter of 2022, the proposal is being voted.

Vote here:

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