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First Half of March 2023 / Web3 domains and NFT Marketplace are now live on ENULS

5 min readMar 19, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Optimized ENULS browser issue that cannot be accessed occasionally.
  • Assisted NTC in fixing the block-producing issue of Nerve nodes.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing NerveSwap’s withdrawal of minor liquidity issues.


March 8, AI LaunchPad announced it would launch on the NULS POCM platform soon. AI Launchpad is a LanchPad for incubating AI projects.

March 12, CryptoWoW officially launched on the NULS POCM platform. Users can participate with minimum staking of 100 NULS.

Click the link to stake:

March 14, MaxLoop announced that it would launch on the NULS POCM platform soon.

MaxLoop provides users with security services and protects their intelligent contract programs.

On March 14, CryptoInk announced it would launch on the NULS POCM platform soon. CryptoInk is a multifunctional business platform based on blockchain technology.

Collaboration & Trading

March 1, Reaper, the co-founder of NULS, participated in the TwitterSpace held by OpenGate: “Wealth Code in Blockchain Ecosystem”.

March 2, NULS announced a strategic cooperation with OMNI CHAIN ​​Venture.

The two parties will be committed to promoting NULS/ENULS ecosystem projects and community construction, meanwhile providing necessary financial support for high-quality ENULS ecosystem projects.

March 2, NULS announced that the first round of ENULS ecosystem airdrop distribution will happen before March 31, with a total amount of 30,000 NULS.

March 3, NULS ecosystem decentralized trading platform NerveSwap launched on DeFiLlama platform.

March 5, NULS and its POCM partner AlveyChain held the latest CryptoCorner meeting on YouTube.

March 6, the tutorial “How to use the NerveBrige cross-chain assets from BNB Chain ENULS” was released. (EN) (CN)

March 7, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork collaborated with a Caduceus project, LightCycle, and held a community joint airdrop event.

March 8, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe shared a video on “How to use Nabox wallet to interact with NULS ecosystem projects” on his YouTube channel.

March 8, NULS was selected as one of the top 10 most popular blockchain projects in the ONTO wallet community.

March 9, ONTO Wallet announced that it supported ENULS blockchain.

March 10, a tutorial on How to Use ONTO Wallet to Participate in NULS Ecosystem Airdrop Interaction” was released.

March 10, NULS-WNULS trading pair was listed on SwapBox.

March 10, NULS ecosystem NerveBridge was launched on the DAppRadar platform.

March 13, NULS ecosystem exchange, NerveSwap, listed the KAVA-NVT trading pair.

March 13, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, NerveNework, announced that it would support REINetwork shortly.

March 14, the Web3 domain project ENULSID officially completed the deployment on the ENULS network.

March 14, SwapBox, the NULS ecosystem multi-chain aggregation protocol, supported cross-chain exchange for KAVA assets.

March 14, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, NerveNetwork tweeted: NerveNetwork, as a Layer 2 relay network, provides a good expansion solution for BTC and it has the potential to empower the Bitcoin network to interact with other (EVM) blockchains easily.

March 15, Wormhole3, a Web3 curation platform based on the ENULS ecosystem will use WNULS assets to reward those who interact with its curations.

You can obtain ENULS using SwapBox. Here is how: (EN)

March 15, the first NFT MarketPlace Ivy Market, has completed its deployment in ENULS.

In the first half of March 2023, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork empowered UFO, HEX, and other assets to realize multi-chain interaction.


Community Governance

  • NULS Turkish Ambassador Koinmilyoner launched a proposal for the second quarter ambassador and applied to increase the number of ambassador nodes from 300,000 NULS to 400,000 NULS.

The proposal was approved and is being voted on.

View proposal:

Voting link:

  • Bullish Pizza, NULS Indian ambassador, launched a proposal for the ambassador election in the second quarter of 2023 and applied to increase the number of ambassador nodes from 200,000 NULS to 300,000 NULS.

The proposal was approved and is being voted on.

View proposal:

  • Wormhole3, an ENULS ecosystem curation platform, initiated a proposal to apply for NULS community funds to create 2 nodes to support its development.

The proposal is under discussion.

View proposal:

  • NULS shared an article “Trading Platform Registration Guide for New Community Users”.

View the content:

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