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Second Half of July in 2023 / NERC20 Pass Card NFTs are being Distributed to the Community

5 min readAug 3, 2023
  • Technical Progress
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  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Released the latest NULS mainnet version: v2.16.0.
  • NULS browser optimization design confirmed.
  • Optimized the underlying performance of NULS mainnet.
  • Assisted NTC in developing and testing the latest NerveNetwork mainnet version: v1.26.0.


July 16th, ASENIX officially launched on NULS POCM staking platform, NULS holders can now stake a minimum amount of 100 NULS to earn ENIX assets.

Collaboration & Trading

July 16th, NerveFarm in NULS ecosystem currently offers several farms for the users! The community can stake NABOX-NULS LP to earn NULS, stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS, and stake NSWAP-NULS LP to earn NVT.

July 17th, Gaming Star, a part of the NULS POCM ecosystem, visited the NULS community to conduct an AMA session and shared insights, at the same time, they distributed $100 GS1 tokens as the community rewards.

July 17th, NULS POCM ecosystem’s Heroes Battle Arena (HBA) announced its official integration on ENULS mainnet. Heros Battle Arena is a role-playing RPG game deployed on the ENULS blockchain.

July 17th, NerveNetwork, a cross-chain protocol in NULS ecosystem, announced an optimization of the liquidity mechanism on NerveSwap. NerveSwap’s transaction fee was adjusted to 1%, with 90% of the fee being rewarded to the liquidity providers, this is to encourage more users to provide liquidity on NerveSwap.

Provide Liquidity:

July 18th, the NULS mainnet released the v2.16.0 upgrade, which includes several significant improvements. The key features are as follows:

  1. Support for NVM optimization, enhancing the mechanism for deploying contracts.
  2. Optimization of NERC20 asset management.
  3. Supported the management of NRC1155 assets.

July 18th, NULS community contributor Maximus published an article on BinanceFeed, providing an overview of the current development of the NULS ecosystem. The article likely covered various aspects such as the progress of NULS projects, partnerships, community growth, and the overall state of the NULS blockchain platform.

July 20th, NULSMOON — NULS trading pair is now live on PheasantSwap.

July 20th, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe released a “2-Minute Introduction to NULS” video on his YouTube channel.

July 20th, NULS was selected as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the daily social media influence ranking, the result was published by a crypto rating agency called CryptoGalaxy.

July 22nd, the video titled “Managing Your NULS and NRC20 Assets with Ledger Wallet” was released on NULS YouTube channel.

July 22nd, NERC20 protocol, a new-generation fair launch protocol in the ENULS ecosystem, released the NERC Pass Card NFTs. By holding a NERC Pass Card, holders will be able to participate in the future mint!

July 24th, NULS announced a strategic partnership with MINAR TOKEN. MINAR is an AI-driven NFT blockchain game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.

July 26th, Niftyfuse, a part of the NULS POCM ecosystem, announced its official support for the NULS mainnet. Users can now stake NULS/ aiNULS to earn USDT rewards on the platform.

July 28th, NerveNetwork, a crosschain protocol in NULS, released the mainnet v1.26.0 protocol upgrade. The upgrade includes several improvements:

  1. Stability optimized for mainnet nodes, enhanced the overall network performance and reliability.
  2. Crosschain supported Linea, EOS EVM, and Polygon zkEVM blockchains.

July 28th, the official NULS Twitter account announced the liquidity data of several POCM ecosystem projects on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain), Avalanche (AVAX), and others.

In the second half of July 2023, the NULS ecosystem wallet, Nabox, added Linea, Polygon zkEVM, and ZetaChain Testnet blockchains.

Download Wallet:

Community Governance

NULS Turkey Ambassador koinmilyoner released the July work report.

NULS India Ambassador Pizza released the July work report

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