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The first half of March 2024 / Making NULS a Multi-gas Blockchain: NIP-9 Proposal

3 min readMar 15, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC to release the latest NerveNetwork mainnet version.
  • Assisted NTC in integrating the BTC cross-chain function to NerveNetwork.
  • Optimized the stability of NULS public service.


March 5th, Dian Exchange successfully reactivated on NULS POCM staking platform. Users can now stake NULS to earn DIAN assets.

March 6th, Faturacoin was reactivated on the NULS POCM platform. Stake a minimum of 100 $NULS to earn $FTRA assets.

Collaboration & Trading

March 1st, NULS launched its ecosystem ignition proposal phase 2! In this new phase, NULS will focus on providing the resources and guidance to any ecosystem projects need to succeed!

March 1st, Nomis, an on-chain reputation tracking system has been integrated into the NULS blockchain.

March 5th, NULS ecosystem Nabox Wallet supported assets and DApps from Blast mainnet.

March 5th, NULS ecosystem Nabox Wallet (Plug-in version)supported assets and DApps from Lava testnet.

March 6th, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork announced an upcoming integration for Mode Network.

March 6th, NULS Brazil ambassador released a video on YouTube explaining the NULS modular design.

March 7th, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol released a new mainnet version v1.33.0. Mode Network and Blast Network will be supported after this update is successfully triggered.

March 7th, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange Nulswap is now back online, and all services are now accessible.

March 9th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork released new product NerveMint. 10,000 slots are available to mint with each slot containing 100 $NVT tokens.

Mint NVT token:

March 9th, it was announced that some exciting Bitcoin features will be integrated into NULS blockchain, which are:

  • Bitcoin Cross-Chain Integration to NULS network. This function has already been completed by NerveNetwork.
  • Integrate BRC20 assets to NULS blockchain.
  • Support for BTC as gas on the NULS Mainnet.
  • Integration of BTC Layer 2 module into NULS ChainBox.

March 10th, NULS Brazil ambassador released a video on YouTube channel explaining the NIP-9 proposal.

March 11th, the NIP-9 proposal poll will start in just oneday! NULS encourages the community to participate in the voting process and share 3,000 NULS giveaways.

March 12th, multiple pools are generating decent yields on NerveFarm! User can stake:

  • NVT-REI LP to earn REI
  • NULS-NABOX LP to earn NULS
  • NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS

Dive in:

March 13th, the NIP-9 proposal poll has now started. Drop your vote:

March 15th, NULS Brazil ambassador released a video introducing the NULS ecosystem updates regarding the Bitcoin integrations.

In the first half of March, NULS ecosystem Nabox Wallet supported the following blockchains: Blast mainnet, Lava testnet.

Community Governance

March 13th, the NIP proposal: “Add BTC/ETH assets to the NULS main network for gas fees” is now being voted on in the NULS forum. Let’s hear your voice before the poll ends on March 28th.

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