NULS Community Briefing

First Half of October in 2021

  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress


In the first half of October, NULS partner — NerveBridge, has built cross chain bridges for QUANT, VIN, LPT, HEX, UBT, FISU, GSE, XMX, WIT.

Collaboration & Partnership

1st Oct. NULS collaborated with OxPay, the First digital company in SG and veriTAG to develop stable coins.

Other News

4th Oct. The winners from the August competition “ Crazy Idea Show” were released. Congratulations to @Fly_DiDiDi and @ayuukadek who won the grand prize and @rokajafi , @CharleneRitz , @asdf2k4, @Ragner_07, who won the special effort prize. All rewards have already been sent.

Community Governance

The volunteer rewards distribution proposal of August has been released by Aurora, one of the NULS community directors, and the rest of the budget has been sent back to the community funding address.

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