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Second Half of October in 2023 / NULS Halloween MEME Contest is Now Live

5 min readNov 1, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Conducted NULS underlying performance optimization test and released the latest NULS mainnet version 2.17.0.
  • Continued to develop and test LP mode for NULS POCM platform.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing the NerveNetwork explorer and public services.
  • Assisted NTC in developing and testing the next version of NerveNetwork.


October 26th, Profit Mate officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform. Users can now earn PRMATE assets by staking a minimum amount of 100 NULS.

October 27th, Barbie Cat officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform. Users can now earn BGCAT assets by staking a minimum of 100 NULS.

Collaboration & Trading

October 15, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork launched a giveaway with LIANGO, giving $200 away to the NerveNetwork community.

October 16, NULS ecosystem aggregator SwapBox has integrated the OKX swapping channel.

October 17, NULS partner Gifto Wallet stated that it will soon support NULS blockchain assets and DApps.

October 18, NULS Brazilian Ambassador Felipe released a video on his YouTube channel to introduce Nabox ID, a task platform developed by Nabox Wallet.

October 17, NULS ecosystem aggregator SwapBox, has integrated FatPay, enabling the purchase of crypto assets with fiat currency.

October 18, NerveNetwork, a NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, announced that it will integrate the Bitgert blockchain shortly.

October 19, Heroes Battle Arena, a blockchain game based on ENULS, launched the latest version of v0.9.0, with brand-new AI-driven NPC built into it, bringing much more fun!

October 19, NULS ecosystem partner Gifto Wallet stated that it will soon support NerveNetwork blockchain.

October 20, in the Nerve mainnet consensus staking, you can stake a variety of LP to earn an annualized income of about 30%, including NULS-NVT LP, BNB-NVT LP, ETHN-NVT LP and USDTN-NVT LP, etc.

October 23, the NULS mainnet v2.17.0 version was released. Here are the full details of this update:

  1. Optimized resource usage monitoring on NULS nodes program.
  2. New features added to NULS smart contract to support keccak algorithm. (EN) (CN)

October 23, NULS Brazilian Ambassador Felipe released a video on YouTube channel to introduce the ecosystem development of the NULS and ENULS networks.

12、10月24日,NULS异构跨链生态NerveNetwork创始人Berzeck作客EOS社区,参与“以跨链交互为基础的DeFi协议 ”为主题的Twitter Space分享。October 24, Berzeck, the founder of NerveNetwork, visited the EOS community and participated in a Twitter Space sharing with the theme of “Enabling crosschain design without sacrificing UX”.

On October 27, NULS ecosystem NerveFarm announced the launch of ETC-NVT liquidity mining, where users can stake ETC-NVT LP to mine ETC assets.

Staking :

How to stake:

October 27th, NULS Halloween MEME Contest went live. Post a MEME tweet related to NULS and you will have the opportunity to share a reward of 500 NULS. Welcome to participate!

October 27, Nabox L2 Farm launched ETC-NVT liquidity mining. Users can stake ETC-NVT LP to mine ETC assets.

October 28, NULS ecosystem multichain wallet Nabox announced to support Scroll blockchain assets and DApps.

October 30, NULS SCO partner Profit Mate visited the NULS community to participate in Twitter Space and selected 10 winners from the listeners to share $100 token rewards.

October 30, on NULS SCO staking platform, NULS holders can stake NULS to earn WTK assets, and stake WTK in the Walletika App to earn more WTK rewards.

October 30, Berzeck, the founder of NerveNetwork participated the Scroll DemoDay online sharing meeting hosted by Pitchtalk, and gave a comprehensive introduction to NerveNetwok’s product features and ecosystem development.

October 31, it was announced that the partnership between NULS and VipWarz has now been upgraded! VipWarz’s NFTs marketplace and its on-chain game are now deployed on ENULS!

In the second half of October 2023, NULS ecosystem cross-chain bridge NerveNetwork has built crosschain bridges for WSM, QOM, PEPE2.0, TOSHI to achieve multi-chain interaction.


Community Governance

Community members are always welcomed to exercise their governance rights, initiate proposals in the NULS forum, participate in proposals, and exercise their approval/disapproval rights on the governance platform to participate in NULS decision process.

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