NULS Community Briefing

The First Half of May in 2022/The Accelerator of NULS ecosystem — NULS POCM

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC to proceed with the integration of NerveBridge to TRON network. The test run is now completed and it’s ready to release in the official environment.
  • Assisted NTC to develop the front/back end of NerveSwap section and Nerve 2.0 multi-chain smart router
  • Assisted NTC to program the Nerve data library, and added new branches such as user manuals.


May 1st, it was announced that GrailLPad will be joining NULS POCM platform soon.

GrailPad empowers launchpad projects to raise liquidity in the affair and decentralized manner, stake and send tokens across rollups. Welcome on board, GrailPad

Collaboration & Trading

May 1st, it was announced that a single-coin staking pool will be listed on NerveFarm where users can stake $ANON to earn $NVT.

May 2nd, NULS SCO partner — Tidal Global joined NULS telegram community for an AMA session.

May 2nd, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol — NerveNetwork, collaborated with PlaySky, and launched an Airdrop event. Users will win 1,000,000 $PLS as they complete the required tasks

May 5th, NULS Brazil ambassador — Felipe published a video on YouTube about how to participate in NULS community governance as a NULS holder. The details can be found in the link below:

May 7th, NULS mentioned one of its productive creations on Twitter — NULS ChainBox. NULS ChainBox solution provides developers an extensive suite of tools used to build highly customized blockchains choosing modules from a common repository, modifying them, or even adding new ones.

May 9th, NULS was calling for $NULS holders to participate in the community governance to exercise their voting rights and join in the NULS community development and growth decision-making process

May 10th, NerveSwap, a DEX built-in Nerve ecosystem, its trading volume in stable-coin has increased to over 1,600,000 $USDT in the last 24 hours. With NerveSwap, users will be able to swap USDT and supported assets from multi-chains.

NerveSwap DApp:

May 11th, NULS SCO partner Tidal Global joined an AMA session in Nerve Telegram community.

May 11th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem wallet, has joined the Arbitrum ecosystem wallet alliance. Nabox aims to connect users across multi-chains and provide them with a seamlessly cross-chain experience.

May 12th, NULS released its latest POCM staking APR. NULS POCM is a platform where you can stake $NULS to earn multiple tokens with no risks to your principle, where you can still earn 30%-70% APR even while the market is cold!

May 12th, NULS is now available to trade on NerveSwap with a better price ratio! NerveSwap is DEX built-in NerveNetwork, with q transaction fees.

May 14th, NULS collaborated with PlaySky, and launched an Airdrop event. Users will win 1,000,000 $PLS as they complete the required tasks

May 15th, reported by a famous blockchain media — ChainCatcher: “NULS ecosystem-building is now activated! For projects that are going to deploy on NULS, the NULS Foundation will give from 100,000 to 1,000,000 $NULS as incentive support, along with Listing Advisory, Financial Support, Partnership Referral, and Marketing & Community Support.



In the first half of May, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork built crosschain bridges for APE, DAR.

NerveBridge DApp

Community Governance

Kathy, one of the NULS NTC community members, submitted a proposal requesting 3 NULS nodes for NULS western Marketing. The proposal is being voted on.

Proposal Details:

Join NULS Community







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