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NULS Mainet Gas-fee Modification is in Process

3 min readMay 5, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisting NTC in optimizing the Bitcoin cross-chain protocol.
  • Tested the cross-chain logic for Bitcoin and FCH network.
  • POCM assets price-acquiring logic optimized.
  • NULS main-net gas fee modification is in process.


April 18th, FixFinder officially joined the NULS SCO staking platform, enabling NULS holders to stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn FXTF assets.


April 22nd, our old partner Knox File Secure is now back on the SCO staking platform! Stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn wKFX tokens on

Collaboration & Trading

April 16th, the NULS Brazil ambassador released a video on the YouTube channel, explaining the modular design of NULS blockchain.

April 16th, NULS ecosystem multi-chain wallet Nabox started the BNB Joinery — Phase 4. Jump into the exciting event to earn rewards:

April 18th, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange Nulswap officially launched its borrowing and lending feature.

April 18th, the NULS ambassador recruitment for the second season of 2024 is still in process, we welcome global smart minds to join the big fam!

April 18th, eyes on the top gainers among all blockchains, published by DWF Labs. NULS is leading the way in the top gainers chart.

April 19th, let’s get a glimpse of the latest NULS ecosystem community & technical updates from our Brazil ambassador.

April 23rd, NULS community contributor Maximus published an article about the latest ecosystem development on BinanceFeed Square. Dive into to find more details.

April 23rd, getting to know more about the latest-released feature of Nulswap? Check out the YouTube video made by the NULS Brazil ambassador below.

April 23rd, NULS, a significant part of the Mint blockchain ecosystem landscape, is continuously providing infrastructure support to help the growth of the entire network.

April 28th, the NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on YouTube, introducing the NULS SCO staking platform, where NULS holders can maximize the use of NULS assets by staking NULS to earn multiple project tokens.

April 28th, NULS ecosystem launchpad — NerveMint, started a new mint program. Mint NVT token with OKB assets. The mint is still in process.

Join the mint:

April 29th, NULS joined a Twitter Space with its SCO partner — Trust Launchpad, sending 100 USDT rewards to 10 winners from the community.

April 30th, NULS ecosystem crosshain protocol NerveNetwork has supported ETH crosschain-swap from Mode Network. Users are now able to transfer ETH assets from Supported networks to Mode with 0 slippage using Swapbox dApp.

Community Governance

April 23rd, NULS community member ss044eth published a proposal on the NULS forum and applied for the second season NULS ambassador. The proposal is being reviewed at the moment.

April 23rd, a NULS community member published a NULS Analytics Proposa on the NULS forum. Check out the proposal details below and participate in the discussion.

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