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Second Half of February 2024/ NULS POCM Platform is Reactivated

3 min readMar 4, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • NULS Mainnet 2.19.0 was released.
  • NULS POCM restoring process initiated.
  • Assisted NTC in developing, testing, and releasing Nerve v1.31.0.


February 22, Nabox relaunched on NULS POCM staking platform. Nabox SCO adopted POCM LP mode, lowering the minimum staking standard down to 10 NULS, and the maximum staking is limited to 2,000 NULS. LP mode ensures more liquidity for NABOX tokens, find it out yourself

February 26, a previous SCO partner Kira Coin was reactivated on SCO staking platform. Stake NULS to earn KIRA coin is now available.

February 28, MMOcoin relaunched on POCM staking platform! User can now stake NULS to earn MMO assets.

Staking entry:

February 29, NFTGamingStars is now reactivated on NULS POCM staking platform. Stake NULS to earn GS1 token.

Collaboration & Trading

February 16, the NULS Brazilian Community Ambassador posted a video on YouTube briefly introducing the development of the NULS ecosystem in the past few months.

February 19, NULS provided a statement on the recent POCM smart contract attack.

February 19, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork announced its new product, NerveMi nt, on NerveNetwork test net! NerveMint enables projects to issue BRC20 assets on NerveNetwork instead of the Bitcoin network.

February 21, NULS mainnet v2.19.0 was successfully triggered.

February 22, NULS ecosystem Nabox wallet released a new app version for iOS and Android devices, the new features include:

  • Now compatible with Unisat Wallet.
  • Enhanced NULS signature information.
  • Fix various bugs reported by the community.

February 22, NULS POCM staking platform is successfully restored! The previous SCO projects are being redeployed.

February 23, NULS Brazil YouTube channel released a video introducing NerveBridge, connecting Bitcoin network to NerveNetwork and its supported blockchain.

February 23, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork officially launched NerveMint on its mainnet.

February 27, the NULS western community director Berzeck and the cofounder of NULS, Reaper, jointly released a proposal on NULS forum. The main idea is to support BTC/ ETH assets as the NULS mainnet gas fee, accelerating the expansion of the industrial primary assets.

February 27, NULS started the 3,000 NULS giveaway on Twitter, encouraging the NULS holders to participate in community governance. Users who join the discussion and voting process will share 3,000 NULS.

Proposal link:

February 27, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork released the latest miannet version v1.32.0. In the latest version, they fixed the verification bugs when re-registering cross-chain asset information after deregistration.

February 28, NULS Brazil released a video on its Youtube channel. Dive in to discover the latest ecosystem updates.

February 28, Nulscriptions, a NULS ecosystem project announced its new casino gamefi project, LUCKY, which will be available on NULS shortly.

In the second half of February, NULS ecosystem Nabox Wallet supported the following blockchains: B² Network testnet, Merlin Chain, Mode Network.

Download Nabox Wallet:

Community Governance

NULS Forum:

NULS Governance:

Community Governance

February 27, the NULS western community director Berzeck and the cofounder of NULS, Reaper, jointly released a proposal on NULS forum, titled “Add BTC/ETH assets to the NULS main network for gas fees”. The proposal is currently being discussed in the community.

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