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First Half of May in 2023 / NerveSwap Released New Feature — NervePUSH

5 min readMay 17


  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Conducted product design for NULS browser according to the information from the testing result.
  • Assisted NTC in completing testing for the Nerve PUSH feature and released the new feature on mainnet.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing Nerve node cross-chain and transaction fee logic.


May 11th, the real-time staking yield summary NULS SCO projects was released NULS official Twitter.

May 12th, TopTrade announced its official launch on the NULS POCM staking platform. Users can now participate in mining TTT assets with a minimum staking amount of 100 NULS.

May 13th, Warz announced its official launch on the NULS POCM staking platform. Users can now participate in mining VVT assets with a minimum staking amount of 100 NULS.

In order to provide better staking options for the NULS community members, we compiled the ranking of the live NULS SCO projects in terms of total liquidity locked on the BNB Chain and Ethereum.

Collaboration & Trading

May 1st, Lucky Cats, a partner of the NULS POCM ecosystem, participated in an AMA session in the NULS community, shared its insights, and gave away 10,000 KATZ tokens as a community reward.

May 4th, a crypto media GenxAnalytics reported on the token trading volumes over the past 7 days, with NULS ranking in the top three for the highest trading volume increase.

May 5th, the total locked value for the NULS-USDTN trading pair on PheasantSwap in the ENULS ecosystem exceeded $60,000.

May 5th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork collaborated with Ktalk, and conducted an airdrop activity of 200 USDT for BAB Token holders.

May 6th, ZKSPad announced its partnership with NULS and its upcoming integration on the NULS POCM platform.

May 6th, NULS announced a partnership with Gifto, a web3-based gifting platform. The two entities will work together to develop a web3 wallet based on the Gifto ecosystem.

May 6th, NerveNetwork has fully integrated with REI Network. Users are now able to interact with REI Network ecosystem assets and dApps using NerveBridge, NerveSwap, NerveFarm, SwapBox, and more.

May 7th, NerveFarm launched the REI-NVT LP liquidity mining pool. Users can now stake REI-NVT LP tokens to mine NVT assets.

May 7th, PheasantSwap, the decentralized exchange platform in ENULS ecosystem, announced its donation proposal to the community.

May 8th, Nutbox announced its official deployment on the ENULS ecosystem. Nutbox provides a solution for web3 users to create a DAO in a low-cost and fast manner.

May 8th, Nulswap, a decentralized exchange platform in the NULS ecosystem, announced that users participating in liquidity derivatives by staking NULS on their platform will receive dual rewards in NULS and NSWAP tokens.

May 9th, NerveFarm, launched NSWAP-NULS LP liquidity mining pool. Users can stake NSWAP-NULS LP tokens to mine NULS assets.

May 9th, Nabox, a multichain wallet in NULS ecosystem, announced its upcoming new product. This product aims to make NABOX assets more deflationary while providing additional benefits to community holders.

May 10th, Felipe, the NULS community ambassador of Brazil, created and shared a YouTube video titled “DeFi Staking Applications in the NULS Ecosystem”.

May 11th, Nabox, a multichain wallet in NULS ecosystem, announced the upcoming launch of Nabox ID (Beta), a Web3 identity identification dApp.

May 11th, NerveSwap introduced its new PUSH feature, which enables users to place pending orders on NerveSwap.

May 12th, Nabox, a multichain wallet in NULS ecosystem, initiated a proposal for Nabox ID and invited the community to participate to decide the final registration fee.

According to Nabox official : 50% of the registration fees will be burned, while the other 50% will be rewarded to the referrer. The voting will conclude on May 17th.

Vote to decide the registration fee:

May 15th, FoxWallet announced a successful integration with the ENULS network.

In the first half of May 2023, NULS ecosystem crosschain bridge NerveBridge has implemented crosschain bridges for PNUT and LADYS to achieve multi-chain interoperability.


Community Governance

  • NULS Indian Ambassador Pizza updated his work report for April and May.

  • Execute your voting rights to decide the future of Nabox as Nabox has just launched their Nabox ID proposal! Participate in the voting to decide the final registration fee of Nabox ID product through the link below!

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