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First Half of November in 2023 / NULS POCM LP Mode is Now Live

5 min readNov 18, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Conducted performance optimization testing and release for the underlying NULS platform.
  • Undertook functional transformation development and launch for the POCM product.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing the blockchain browser and public service aspects of NerveNetwork.
  • Assisted NTC in releasing a new version of the NerveNetwork.


November 9th, the NULS POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) projects Gaming Stars staking is currently underway, allowing users to stake NULS to acquire GS1 assets.

November 10th, participate in NULS POCM to stake without loss mining and acquire various assets. Real-time information on the on-chain liquidity supply for selected projects on the NULS POCM platform is publicly disclosed, providing valuable insights for users' staking decisions.

November 10th, the NULS POCM ecosystem’s InfinityBit has delivered over 40x returns to community participants since its launch, with real-time annualized staking returns reaching approximately 15%.

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November 12th, the NULS POCM liquidity mode is officially launched! The POCM liquidity mode addresses the issue of insufficient liquidity in some POCM projects by adding assets to NerveSwap in fixed proportions. This enhancement aims to provide the community with an improved staking and trading experience.

Collaboration & Trading

November 1st, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe released a video on his YouTube channel titled “6 years of NULS, what to expect in the future”. In the video, he provided insights into the development progress of various projects within the NULS ecosystem.

November 2nd, 80% of the NULS mainnet nodes have completed the upgrade, and the NULS mainnet protocol v2.17.0 has been officially activated.

November 4th, the winners of the NULS Halloween MEME Contest have been announced.

November 6th, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange platform, Nulswap, announced the upcoming launch of its lending feature.

November 6th, the NerveNetwork mainnet protocol version v1.29.0 was released, with upgrade features including support for Bitgert and Scroll networks, the addition of liquidity reward locking functionality to NerveFarm, and increased support for NVT-USDCN LP in the Nerve mainnet consensus staking!



November 6th, NULS Community Council and the Founder of NerveNetwork, Berzeck, made a guest appearance in the Celo community to provide a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem development of NerveNetwork.

November 7th, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe released a video on his YouTube channel titled “Latest updates from NULS: Lending & Bitcoin Lightening”

November 7th, Nabox, a NULS ecosystem wallet, announced its participation as a validator node in the IoTeX network.

November 8th, NerveNetwork, a crosschain protocol in NULS, announced its upcoming support for the BTC network and its commitment to bringing DeFi protocols into the BTC ecosystem.

From November 10th to 15th, a decentralized exchange platform in the NULS ecosystem, Nulswap, initiated a community airdrop event, distributing $600 equivalent in NSWAP assets to participants.

November 11th, the native token of Nabox wallet,NABOX, was listed on PheasantSwap in Linea network. Additionally, liquidity for the NABOX-WETH pair was added to the decentralized exchange platform PheasantSwap within the Linea ecosystem.

November 13th, as a pioneer in modular blockchain technology, NULS provided a detailed description of its modular architecture in the whitepaper released in 2017.

NULS Whitepaper:

November 13th, the NULS mainnet protocol version v2.17.1 was released, addressing the issue of abnormal protocol caching during the upgrade process.

November 14th, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe released a video on his YouTube channel titled “Send Encrypted Message Using NULS”.

November 14th, the Nabox plugin wallet introduced some new features in their latest updates, such as adding an account details display function, support for NRC-1155, etc.

November 14th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork announced its support for the Bitgert network. Its ecosystem products, including NerveBridge, NerveSwap, NerveFarm, SwapBox, have completed deployment on the Bitgert network.

November 14th, Nabox, the NULS ecosystem multichain wallet, initiated the Linea DeFi Voyage interactive event. Community members were invited to interact through the SwapBox aggregation protocol.

Link to join:

November 15th, NerveSwap, a NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange, launched the BRISE-NVT trading pair, which allows users to trade BRISE assets on NerveSwap with extremely low cost!

In the first half of November 2023, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveBridge, empowered assets such as DINO and RAID, facilitating multi-chain interaction.


Community Governance

NULS, as an open-source global community-driven project, its community members are always encouraged to exercise their governance rights by initiating proposals, participating in proposals, and exercising voting rights on the governance platform on the NULS forum.

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