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First Half of February in 2023 / ENULS Main-net is Now Live

5 min readFeb 19, 2023
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC in releasing Nerve's new mainnet version — v1.23.0.
  • Proceed to deploy and launch the ENULS main network, the official version was activated on February 15.
  • Completed the cross-chain registration for ENULS network.


February 1, the list of staking details of NULS POCM platform was released.

February 3, MetaPlanetary announced that it would launch on NULS POCM platform soon.

MetaPlanetary is committed to creating a decentralized metaverse, breaking through the limitations of the traditional financial system, and seeking compliance measures for native crypto solutions.

February 6, Axle announced that it would launch on NULS POCM platform soon. Axle is a Web3 GameFi gaming platform.

February 12, FreeBitCoin was officially launched on the NULS POCM platform. Starting from 100 NULS, you can participate in the staking to obtain FBTC assets.

February 14, Mythic Ore announced that it will launch the NULS POCM platform soon. Mythic Ore is an NFT trading market and provides functions such as NFT pledge, NFT upgrade, NFT game, and Treasure Market.

February 15th, Meta Planetary officially launched on NULS POCM platform. Starting from 100 NULS, you can participate in the staking to obtain MPY assets.

Collaboration & Trading

February 2, NerveBridge has completed crosschain integration from ENULS testnet to NULS testnet!

February 2, NULS announced its ecosystem airdrop! Simply interacting with the ENULS ecosystem dapps to share 60,000 NULS as rewards!

February 2, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork released the v1.22.0 version. These upgrades included: NerveBridge completed the integration of ENULS, EthereumPoW, and KAVA EVM, and supported cross-chain features for deflationary assets.

February 2, NULS announced that Bridge Oracle would soon join the ENULS ecosystem.

On February 2, a crypto blogger Voepa released a video on his YouTube channel, speaking about projects deployed in the NULS ecosystem.

February 3, NULS POCM partners, PayMeCrypto and Tradenao attended the “NULS weekly crypto corner”, co-hosted by NULS western team developer Kathy and NULS business developer, Essam.

February 6, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveNetwork, updated and released its white paper v1.1

February 7, NULS published an article on Binance Feed: “Get NULS Airdrops in the Easiest Way”, meaning that you can interact on the ENULS testnet, join the NULS community and submit your interaction information to share 60,000 NULS airdrop!

February 8, just a 7-day countdown to the official launch of the ENULS mainnet!

February 8, Coinvoice, a well-known media in the crypto industry, published an article “NULS Community EVM Compatible Network ENULS Will Be Officially Launched on February 15”.

February 8, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, NerveNetwork, joined KAVA Rise ecosystem, it was known that NerveNetwork would support the Kava EVM network soon.

February 8, NULS announced its mainnet pre-launch on Binance Feed.

February 8, the multi-chain aggregation platform under the NULS ecological cooperation wallet Nabox aggregated the NerveBridge cross-chain channel.

February 9, the NULS team and community members expressed condolences for the earthquake in Turkey.

February 9, NULS was selected into the top 10 most popular used blockchains in the ONTO wallet community.

February 9, ENULS IDENTITY, the first domain project of ENULS, has launched on ENULS testnet

February 10, a crypto blogger Bitnull shared the latest developments in the ENULS ecosystem on his YouTube channel.

February 8th to February 14th, NULS ecosystem partners: Trantor、 StarryNift、 Daostarter、 Coinhub Wallet、 Fomoin、 EarHart、 BridgeOracle、 GGDapp、Crypto View、Wormhole3、PlaySky、LGFSwap、 Nabox、 NerveNetwork、 NULS Domain、 PonPonSnake、 DICIRCLE、10K World Cup、IvyMarket、ONTO Wallet、PECland tweeted and expressed their good wishes for the ENULS pre-launch!

February 14, the first ENULS ecosystem Twitter Space will go live in 2 days.

February 15, ENULS mainnet was officially launched!

Explore the infinite opportunities in the Layer2 field with ENULS, scale Ethereum in the most NULS way!

February 15, a well-known crypto media “ChainCatcher” released an article “The opportunities and challenges in ENULS ecosystem”

In the first half of February 2023, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveBridge implemented crosschain bridges for BEEP, AGIX, MPY, etc.

Community Governance

  • NULS invites you to participate in community construction and governance! As a global community-driven blockchain, you are always free to provide any suggestions for the development of the NULS/ENULS ecosystem and use your NULS to exercise your voting rights on the governance platform.

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