NULS community briefing for the second half of June 2021

6 min readJul 19, 2021

NULS ecological NerveBridge DApp cross-chain swap effective and activated

Product technology progress

Continued optimization of the NULS POCM management interface to manage a project and/or stake in a project after connecting to the appropriate Nabox NULS account.

Work with the SWFT Project Team to update the NerveBridge Dapp to use the SWFT blockchain protocol AllChain Swap for cross-chain swap.

Continued development of NerveNetwork to support the exchange between different network stable coins.


June 25: The NULS community has issued a warm reminder: un-stake from inactive SCO projects. The NULS SCO platform is a decentralized open and free registration platform. If an SCO project continues to fail to meet its goals or commitments OR if an SCO project chooses to leave the SCO Platform, NULS moves the SCO project to inactive status.

Each SCO project is a dream of an exciting future blockchain application or tool. Projects fail for many reasons. Sometimes the failure is fast sometimes it is slow. Sometimes a project can recover from a potential failure. As a rule-of-thumb, the NULS community recommends that SCO participants un-stake from projects identified as inactive.

June 16: Nabox launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. Users are invited to stake in the Nabox Project. Nabox was originally created by NULS and is now an individual project with its own leadership. Nabox is a Web3.0 digital identity DeFi application multi-chain wallet. The NULS NerveNetwork forms the foundation of Nabox’s cross-chain functions. Welcome, Nabox.

June 24: NFD launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. NFD, Non-Fungible-Defi, brings NFT’s and Defi together to build a sustainable ecosystem with high yield farm pools and user-generated NFTs. Welcome, NFD.


June 14: has launched a NULS staking event. Minimally the participant will earn the same amount as if he/she staked in a NULS consensus node. offers staking advantages, including bonuses, and a minimum staking amount of 10 NULS.

June 19: NFTCircle will be connecting to the NULS ecosystem’s Web3.0 wallet Nabox application. At that time, users can use the Nabox token to purchase certain items.

June 21: Nabox is participating in the DODO Booster program, a 4-week NABOX/BUSD Liquidity Pool with DODO and NABOX rewards. The pool is available from June 21 to July 19.

June 23: NULS released the “NULS Staking ROI” report. The annual return of the DODO platform is 400+%.

Choss-Chain Bridges implemented June 16–30. These bridges are used by NerveBridge Dapp.

The Tom token is bridged to OEC, BSC, Heco, and NULS via NerveNetwork. The TOM token is the world’s first pet NFT for the registration of physical pets.

The FTS token to bridged to OEC, Heco, and NULS. FTS is the token for FootballStars.IO, the first Football based NFT project for fans and clubs around the globe.

The SMG token is bridged to OEC, Heco, and NULS via NerveNetwork. SmaugsNFT provides an NFT Marketplace for selling and purchasing digital assets as NFT tokens.

The BXH token is bridged to OCE, BSC, and NULS via NerveNetwork. BXH, BXH (Bitcoin Dex on HECO) is a decentralized trading platform developed based on Huobi ECO Chain.

The Man token is bridged to OCE, BSC, Heco, and NULS via NerveNetwork. Matrix AI Network, with token MAN, is an open-source blockchain that utilizes artificial intelligence, AI.

The KIKA token is bridged to OCE, BSC, and NULS via NerveNetwork. KIKA is a DEFI protocol on HECO. It’s a suite of smart contracts that support lending, borrowing, and debt settlement.

The Rabbit token is bridged to OCE, Heco, and NULS via NerveNetwork. “Rabbit Finance is the best lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming function on the Binance Smart Chain released by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users participating in liquidity farming through over-lending plus leverage to get more revenue.” (quote from

The PDT token is bridged to OCE, BSC, and NULS via NerveNetwork. PDT is Pilot Protocol, the first low-risk leveraged lending project on Heco.

June 26: With the technical cooperation of the Swft technical team, NerveBridge App uses the Swft cross-chain swap protocol. This protocol enables the swap between many currencies across ETH, BSC, HECO, Nerve.

June 30: Berzeck, Founder of NerveNetwork, conducted an AMA with the OKExChain community. The AMA title is “NerveNetwork Cross-Chain Bridge Helps Blockchain Projects Enter OEC Ecology”. Participants shared $100US equivalent in NVT airdrop rewards.

Community Governance

Community Director Kang Wei’s proposal for a Simplified Swap Procedure from NULS ERC20 to Mainnet Tokens has passed.

Spanish Ambassador Noel, Turkish Ambassador Emre, and Portuguese Ambassador Joao have been re-elected to continue their ambassador role for the third quarter of 2021. Congratulations Noel, Emre, and Joao. Thank you for your service.




NULS Community Director Aurora’s submitted proposal for the third quarter NULS Chinese community content contribution has passed. The proposal includes the reimbursement for the editing, publishing, and correspondence involved with maintaining the Evening News, and the domestic and international platforms.

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