NULS Contributors Selection

In the third season of 2021, there finally came a breakthrough for NULS with more and more crosschain bridges being built and the quick explosion of NFTs market. NerveNetwork has established crosschain bridges for multiple assets from 9 different blockchain to interact and exchange, meanwhile, more than hundreds different assets have achieved cross chain interaction with the help from NerveNetwork, and also we’re doing well on NFT bidding in the NFTCircle platform. Every community member has efforts in this giant step of NULS. Now our seasonal contributor selection has just began, we will selected a few contributors who made progresses for the community on account of ecosystem development, marketing promotion, contents creation… Contributors will be announced in the community once selected.

Contributor selection event is a traditional thing in the community since NULS was founded. We are grateful to these who contributed their efforts to NULS community and we hope that everyone in the community can team up. NULS family will grow bigger and stronger because of you.

Rules and Reward

Outstanding contributors in the selection season will be selected by

Content Creator (Articles/ Videos/ Pictures)

Community Constructor (Communities/ Forums)

Activities (Offline/ Online Event Organization)

Promotion (Cooperation/ Propaganda).

Contribution rewards take place once a season, contributor will be self-recommended or recommended by other community members, and the community members will vote for a final contributor.

If you are a self-recommended community contributor, please submit your information at before Sept 28th 2021 ( 1)

Please submit three things you did for the community and how they influenced the community if you are self-recommended.(200 words of describe are required).

There will be 5 or less contributors selected and rewarded with 100 NULS.



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