Leading Chinese Blockchain Institution, Consensus Lab, Joins the NULS Ecosystem

On May 16, Consensus Lab, a blockchain institution with its $100 million Consensus Industry Alliance Fund, officially announced activation and consensus participation in the mainnet of NULS (Node ID:03530088). As the first capital-led node onthe NULS mainnet, Consensus Lab exceeds the system specifications required to maintain the stability and ensure the security of NULS the mainnet.

Consensus Lab indicates that NULS, as a pioneer of blockchain micro-services, has set an industry technological standard for both chain-building and cross-chain capabilities.

1. Consensus Lab is well-funded and highly influential

Consensus Lab is an institutional investor engaged in the research, investment and incubation of the blockchain industry, established by Fred Wang, the founder of Mars Finance, which includes the Consensus Investment Fund, Consensus Quantification Mother Fund, and the Consensus Industry Alliance Fund. Since its founding in April 2018, it has invested in more than 60 innovative blockchain projects. Standing alone, Consensus Industry Alliance Fund is worth $100 million and aims at high-growth potential projects that are significantly undervalued in the field of blockchain and digital assets.

Consensus Lab’s founder Fred Wang is also the founder of Mars Finance and a founding partner of Geek Founders. He has nearly 20 years of experience in internet entrepreneurship with strong influence in the industry. Fred also hosts “10 Questions” and has interviewed many industry masters such as Vitalik, CZ Zhao, Xiaolai Li, Bob Xu and Leon Li.

On March 28 this year, the annual POW’ER 2019 China Blockchain Contributors Summit, co-sponsored by Mars Finance, Consensus Lab and other institutions, was held in Chongqing, China.

Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain, Yahui Zhao, general manager of People Capital, Leon Li, chairman of Huobi Group, Guoqing Li, founder of Dangdang, Yige Cai, general manager of Tencent Blockchain, 1000 industry guests and 150 blockchain enterprises attended the event. Consensus Lab is rich in capital and has a strong influence in the global blockchain industry.

2. High-quality resources empower the NULS ecosystem

Consensus Lab, as a leading blockchain institution in China, has rich financial strength and resources both inside and outside the industry. As a member of the NULS ecosystem, Consensus Lab will use its resources to empower and build the NULS ecosystem alongside the core team and NULS community.

Part of Consensus Lab’s portfolio

For future ecological construction, Consensus Lab will actively promote its own investment incubation projects to cooperate with NULS. In addition, Consensus Lab will also use the media resources of Mars Finance to help NULS expand its influence and build the brand.

3. NULS: Pioneers of micro-service, chain-building and cross-chain

Blockchain micro-service pioneer: NULS is the first global public blockchain project integrating micro-services architecture with the blockchain. It is dedicated to practicing the highest level of modularity and exploring new markets for the integration of micro-services and blockchain. The value of micro-services has been fully verified in traditional software development, including Alibaba, Didi and other well-known enterprises that use micro-services architecture to support complex systems with high concurrency and enterprise-grade functionality. Compared with other blockchain projects using monolithic architecture, NULS, as the pioneer of blockchain micro-services, has created a new era of blockchain innovation by setting a new industry standard.

One-click Chain-building: In the very near future, NULS will provide “one-click chain-building” based on graphical interface through its core product Chain Factory. Compared with other chain-building projects, NULS is the first project to develop chain-building into a product. Chain Factory will greatly reduce the difficulty and cost of enterprise chain-building. This will make NULS a dominant force in the field and market of chain creation. NULS ecosystem will take the lead in interoperability to help more enterprises explore the combination of business and blockchain to further accelerate blockchain commercial applications.

Cross-chain pioneer: NULS recently released NULS 2.0 Alpha 3.0, and officially announced the implementation of cross-chain functionality. At this phase in development, with the addition of cross-chain technology, NULS has officially begun the cross-chain ecological construction.

With the technical advantages of micro-services architecture and the product advantages of one-click chain-building, NULS will become a value asset enterprise platform based on blockchain.

By joining the NULS main network, Consensus Lab has initiated the investment layout in the field of chain-building and cross-chain for the accelerated progress of the NULS ecosystem.

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