NULS Ecosystem Developing Highlights in 2023

5 min readAug 23, 2023


Since the launch of the ENULS mainnet in March of this year, we have been consistently inviting more projects to collaborate with us in building the NULS ecosystem. Over the past few months, we have garnered support from numerous partners and actively constructing the NULS eco even when the market is going downhill.

As the community has already seen what NULS has achieved so far in 2023, more web3 wallets have supported NULS/ENULS network, and an increasing number of decentralized applications are being developed on NULS and ENULS. Today, let’s summarize the highlights that NULS has accomplished so far.

ENULS — The take-off happened in Feb 2023

On Feb 2023, NULS officially released its EVM-compatible blockchain — ENULS. This is a significant strategic change to NULS, marked that the NULS ecosystem is now able to scale any Ethereum-based dApps, and projects are now able to build and grow in NULS ecosystem more efficiently! In fact, we did witness a blossom of projects built within ENULS, especially after NULS released the “NUSL Ecosystem Ignition” Proposal.

NULS/ENULS Ecosystem Projects

Now, let’s have a quick look at some of the ecosystem highlights:

PheasantSwap is a decentralized exchange built in ENULS blockchain. The PheasantSwap beta version implementation was completed on Mar 24, at the same point, NULS and PheasantSwap started a massive Airdrop to the NULS community with 30,000 NULS.

As PheasantSwap matures, the community witnessed remarkable growth in its TVL, as of now, the TVL on PheasantSwap has reached $240,000 and keeps growing to a new height. On PheanSwap farm there are staking opportunities as well, users can stake NULS-USDTN to earn NULS with an APR of %21.

NERC20 is a new generation of ERC20 fair launch platform.

NERC20 is considered a powerful tool that one can use to distribute tokens in a completely decentralized way, unlike the traditional launchpad or IDO platform, NERC provides 3 different modes of distribution, which offers the deployer flexible choices to kick up their token launch plan. Like PheasantSwap, NERC20 is also available on ENULS and Linea blockchain.

SwapBox is a multichain liquidity aggregator developed by Nabox, supported by NerveNetwork’s multi-routing feature. With SwapBox, users can swap/exchange assets, for example, USDT across the networks with low transaction fees and fast confirmation. Besides, its swap function, SwapBox also provides other services, for instance, Farm, Layer2, Liquidity, and L2 farm.

In 2023, SwapBox has integrated more blockchains: REI Network, KAVA EVM,

Ivy Market is the 1st NFT Marketplace built on NULS and ENULS. The NULS team has partnered with Ivy Market in the past & released a special NFT Collection named “NULS 5th Anniversary” on NULS network.

On Ivy Market, you can also find lots of other great works created by the community members! Check out here:

Except for NULS, Ivy Market has also supported ENULS network. One of ENULS ecosystem projects NERC20 partnered with Ivy Market to launch their 1st NFT collection called “NERC Pass Card”. We expect to see more NFTs work on Ivy Market in the soon future!

Wormhole3 is a curation platform where users can earn tokens simply by tweeting! Isn’t that amazing when you can easily earn some crypto assets from your day-to-day tweets? Wormhole3 has made it come true and brought this incredible solution to the NULS ecosystem!

You can participate in any communities you love or build your community on wormhole3 platform, in fact, some of the NULS ecosystem projects have already established their communities on wormhole3 and gained quite an amount of followers! Every community here has a treasury managed by the community DAO members, to maximize the communities contribution to the projects by tweeting, every content creator can earn more or less tokens from the community treasury based on their tweet influences!

Find your loved community and start to earn today:

Heroes Battle Arena is a multichain play-to-earn strategic RPG game on ENULS with zero start investments based on NFTs for army, magic stones, Gods! As the 1st gamefi built on NULS ecosystem, it certainly created a wave when it was launched!

According to the HBA official, over 20,000 players have participated in playing the game, more than 20,000 NULS was earned by the players, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

  • The Ecosystem Wallet Supporters

In 2023, NULS/ENULS blockchain has been supported by many leading web3 wallets, which include: Nabox Wallet, SimpleHold, Coinhub, HeBe Wallet, HyperPay, ONTO Wallet, Bitkeep, Math Wallet, Fox Wallet, etc. Our wallet allies are spreading the voice of NULS to more communities!

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