NULS Ecosystem Ignition Program Phase II

2 min readFeb 29, 2024

Build Projects on ENULS and Receive Incentive

Since the inception of the NULS main-net, the ecosystem has experienced consistent growth, marked by the establishment of essential tools. The initiative to build the EVM parallel chain, ENULS, has been set in motion. Our primary objective is to foster the migration of EVM ecosystem projects onto ENULS, amplifying liquidity and expanding application possibilities within the NULS ecosystem.

The NULS ecosystem ignition program phase II aims to bolster and advance ecosystem development across foundational tools, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, NULS domains, etc, by rewarding projects with main net node incentives.

500,000 NULS from the NULS community fund address will be applied to create a node on NULS mainnet to support our ecosystem partners. Here are some specifications explained:


  • Proposal Type: Community Fund
  • Application Type: Node Creation
  • Number of Nodes: 5
  • Funding Period: 6 months
  • Node Reward Commission: 90%
  • Delegate Amount: 500,000 NULS
  • Funding Multi-sig NULS address: NULSd6HgiWXh6kchs4CMKbcJm8Mi2rn64P7Ay.

What the projects will receive

  • Ecosystem Incentives

The rewards generated by network nodes will be dedicated to supporting projects deployed on NULS/ENULS and rewarding users.

Reward Structure: Project information will be collected by the 15th of each month for evaluation by the council through weighted discussions. Based on these evaluations, bonuses will be distributed quarterly. Each project is eligible for submission once.

  • 100% Gas Rebate

Applications deployed on the ENULS network will benefit from a 100% Gas fee Rebate plan. All Gas fees generated from user contract interactions will be tallied monthly and reimbursed to the project side. These funds can be utilized as protocol income or for user rewards. Please note that this program only applies to projects deployed on the ENULS main net, as Gas fees on the NULS mainnet are negligible.

  • Advisory Support

Build and grow with the NULS ecosystem partners. We provide our networking resource to our ecosystem partners to expand their projects under any conditions. NULS provides the following to its partners:

- Partnership referral.

- Listing advisory.

- Marketing and community building.

Submit your project, and let’s build NULS together!

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