NULS Ecosystem Staking Guidance

Stake and Earn in NULS Ecosystem

3 min readApr 24, 2023

In the world of cryptocurrency, we are very much concerned when discussing a cryptocurrency’s use cases. For example, ETH, the native token of Ethereum, is one of the most deflationary assets with probably the most use cases ever created, you can use them to participate in an IEO, or stake them under an LSD staking protocol and reinvest; BNB, the platform token of Binance exchange and the underlying token of BNB Chain, gives its holders the privilege to participate in Binance LaunchPad IEO and allows user to trade on Binance exchange with fewer transaction fees charged.

In NULS ecosystem, you can find many use scenarios with the $NULS tokens you hold!

  1. NULS mainnet consensus staking:

The NULS mainnet uses the credit consensus mechanism POC (Proof-Of-Credit). Like any other POS blockchains, NULS holders can stake their NULS assets on NULS consensus to earn more NULS. The current staking APR stays at around 10%, and The minimum amount for consensus staking is 2,000 NULS.

By participating in NULS mainnet consensus staking, you earn a 10% APR.

NULS consensus staking

2. NULS POCM staking platform:

POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) is an SCO Platform that allows projects to use smart-contracts to issue and distribute project tokens on blockchains.

For NULS holders, you can stake your NULS with the project you like and start earning project tokens now. Your NULS tokens never leave your wallet, and you can turn your PC off while you earn.

For POCM ecosystem projects, you use POCM to bring NULS stakers to your project and earn continuous NULS consensus rewards for project development while sharing in the NULS economy and ecology. POCM works with any blockchain asset or token.

NULS POCM Staking Platform

3. Staking through NerveFarm:

NerveFarm is a NULS ecosystem yield farming protocol, it provides 2 staking options for NULS.

  • Stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS
  • Stake NULS-NABOX LP to earn NULS
NerveFarm Staking

4. Staking through Nerve consensus:

On NerveNetwork consensus, you can

  • Stake NVT-NULS LP to earn NVT.
Nerve Consensus Staking

5. Participating in PheasantSwap farm:

PheasantSwap is a decentralized exchange built in ENULS ecosystem. On PheasantSwap farm, you can

  • Stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS.

6. Stake and earn in Nulswap, the first decentralized exchange built in NULS:

7. Stake in Watertiger Finance to boost the potential of your NULS assets :

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