NULS Election Exemplifies True Decentralized Blockchain Governance

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“NULS’ recent community Ambassador election consisting of 16.5 million votes opens a new era of NULS community autonomy.” Reaper Ran, Community Management Director, Co-Founder

With governance becoming a controversial topic in the blockchain space, NULS is pleased to announce that our community has completed the successful election of NULS Ambassadors. This election truly demonstrates a democratic governance process at work in blockchain. Candidates in the election were represented from 9 countries/regions around the globe. NULS has reinforced its election practices with the release of a “Community Charter” and “Community Fund Management and Use Process”. This election is paving the way for the NULS community to be autonomous and self-governing.

Holding NULS is a Proof of Identity and Provides Rights

Those with a cursory understanding of blockchain may sometimes be confused when investing in blockchain projects, thinking they only hold a string of numbers and not truly knowing what they have. In fact, when you hold NULS, you immediately get various rights in the NULS ecosystem. You have the right to use NULS for transaction fees on the network, election voting rights, participation in the future planning and governance, voting on community development related issues, and voting on the use of community funds. You also have consensus rights including participating in consensus and sharing incentives, proof of your identity in the NULS community, and even holding NULS tokenized equivalents allows you to hold the corresponding value in the NULS ecosystem.

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Community Autonomy is NOT the Result of Community Growth, but it IS the Process of the Community’s Growth

Voting rights hold the key to a project in terms of the direction, the development, the focus, the management of community funds, and determining the key roles of the community. A challenge in understanding autonomy is that it is not the result of the process, but it is the process of continuous exploration and growth. Results are achieved through continuous communication within the community. If all the rights are handed over to the community before this awareness is widely understood, it may end up creating many hurdles for the community to face. However, with continuous trial and error the community can grow, and this is called the process. Through practicing the process, we can have better insight, and truly communicate to make decisions that are the most conducive to the overall community development.

NULS Ambassador Election Makes Way For NULS Community Autonomy

The NULS Ambassador’s election is of historical significance for NULS community governance to gradually move towards autonomy. The role of the NULS community will ultimately be left to itself to make decisions and determine how the benefits generated by the NULS nodes will be used to motivate community contributors. This is a brand-new starting point and a new beginning. It means the community can reach consensus autonomously and vote on its own roles.

On Dec. 25th, after 20 days of fierce campaigning, the voting results of the NULS Ambassador’s election concluded. Consistent with the Ambassador’s election rules, 4 Ambassadors have been elected to serve for the first quarter of 2019. The U.S. Ambassador @Jgatto ranked first with 3,129,046 votes, Portuguese Ambassador @Cristinh0 ranked second with 3,014,371 votes, UK Ambassador @ThatMartiniGuy ranked third with 2,979,377 votes, and the Singapore Ambassador @juggerno ranked fourth with 2,167,466 votes. This poll totaled 16,814,668 votes out of 5,590,602.55NULS. According to the total circulation of NULS, the voting rate reaches about 12.42%.

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The Ambassador’s election is an important part of NULS community autonomy. It is the first time that the community has decided on its key management roles. In the future, the community funds, accounting for 20% of the total NULS, will be completely handed over to the community for decision-making and use.

The Community Empowers the Blockchain Development

The community is the driving force behind NULS blockchain development. Through the Ambassador’s election, those with a deep understanding of NULS can become the backbone of the community and help lead NULS to develop worldwide. The Ambassador’s election was held using the NULS chain-governance voting tool, which allows the community to be involved and engaged. Before the election process began, there was some concern that the 5 million vote floor may not be reached, and it was suggested the rules be adjusted. The number of votes did significantly exceed the 5 million vote floor with a total of 16,814,668 votes cast. The poll rate was as high as 12.42% which was far beyond original expectations. These numbers reflect the cohesion and strength of the NULS community.

During the election process, the ambassadors issued their campaign declarations and shared their past contributions in the community and their upcoming work plans. Despite the barriers across countries, time zones and languages, ambassadors from 9 countries/regions effectively communicated with the global community for the vote. The effect of this result was that the community worked in one accord, for a common purpose and goal. This communication provided voters with the information they needed to make well informed decisions that would impact the future of NULS.

Heated Competition for Ambassadors

The Singapore Ambassador wrote a post to participate in the election: “Long story short, since I’m sitting here writing this post you already know that I’ve decided to try to stay on as Singapore Ambassador.”

The Africa Ambassador released a strategic plan proposal for election: “I represent the African Region for NULS, and since AFRICA is a whole continent with 54 Countries, I also plan to go to some Regional Events. I would attend as Ambassador for networking and to represent NULS Blockchain, find potential partners for joint events/exchanges/investors and to share the NULS adaptable philosophy in general.”

The Russian Ambassador challenged the U.S. Ambassador: “As one great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said, judge a person not by his words, but by deeds! See who finds more partners and developers for NULS! Hey, @Jgatto, do you accept my challenge, who will find more partners and developers?!”

The Portuguese Ambassador launched a campaign statement and plan: “As I said, this is something I like to do, because I feel impacted by NULS, and feel the same from you.”

The Australian Ambassador announced his plan for election: “I’ll do everything I can to help it succeed and grow the project, the potential for NULS is too great to ever stop; I believe it will be mandatory to use blockchain and that’s when NULS will shine offering the best easy access to your own blockchain in existence.”

The UK Ambassador released the plan for election:” I have been working on NULS related videos for YouTube. These videos take time to script so please expect the results within the next month. I have arranged interviews with NULS community members to be broadcast to my 17000 subscribers in the coming month.”

The UK Ambassador is a YouTuber who shares NULS with nearly 10,000 people on YouTube:

The Spanish Ambassador, who had been in the lead in the early stages of the campaign, resigned from the election due to minor health issues and transferred all the remaining tokens to the community funds. He said: “I rather someone else has the chance. I really love this project, and consider myself part of it, and really want to be one of the members who helped push this to the be at the top, where it deserves to be. So, feel free to ask for any help needed, won’t be as fast, but I will gladly help.”

This campaign is undoubtedly a good practice for Ambassadors and all community members participating in the vote. Under this practical education and experimentation, we are all growing and making progress together to explore the strength and resilience that community autonomy provides. The NULS ambition to make blockchain simple, starts with the simple task of working together to make everything better.

As a member of the Public Chain Technology Alliance ( , NULS holds true to open source principles, and hopes to cooperate with partners in the industry, to help jointly promote the benevolent development of the blockchain industry.

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