NULS Forms A Strategic Partnership With BitSG Blockchain Service Agency and Exchange

Singapore’s top blockchain service agency, BitSG has partnered with NULS. The strategic partnership will focus on joint operations, to include project incubation, commercial onboarding, and token circulation.

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Founded in September 2017, BitSG is the first professional blockchain service agency in Singapore. It has incubated and provided service for more than 200 projects, and has received support and investment from many industry leaders. Most of BitSG’s team members have worked in large international organizations, spanning the fields of finance, internet, law, education, etc. BitSG features an all-star team with practical experience to provide projects with complete commercial onboarding. BitSG has invested in NULS through the secondary market and has listed NULS on the BitSG Exchange.

“As the most professional blockchain incubator in Singapore, BitSG will use the geopolitical advantages of this International Finance Centre to introduce more quality projects and inject unlimited value into the NULS Ecology. Relying on the revolutionary innovation of NULS 2.0, a new round of incubation will soon be unlocked” — Tang Bohu, BitSG CEO

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