NULS Foundation & ZS Blockchain Form Strategic Partnership

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San Jose, CA — Blockchain leader NULS Foundation headquartered in San Jose, CA has entered into a new strategic partnership with San Francisco based ZS Blockchain this week.

The NULS Foundation/ZS Blockchain partnership brings powerful capabilities in blockchain business consulting combined with a cutting edge blockchain platform. ZS Blockchain is built on the maxim that traditional business approaches applied to blockchain leads to applicable implementations. This underlines ZS Blockchain executive education and consulting models, which focus on driving technical understanding and appropriate business use cases.

ZS has also worked with an extensive name brand list of clients including internationally with supply chain clients, as well as locally with the California State Legislation in passing the state’s first blockchain bill. Additionally, with ZS Blockchain supply chain clients in mind, the founders — Jackie Zhang | Kent Makishima — were able to launch Armada Chain, the first modular supply chain platform.

Using their extensive enterprise and grassroots connections, ZS Blockchain stays at the forefront of the blockchain industry and engaged with the community. With many accolades between them, Kent & Jackie brought their combined expertise needed to build proof of concepts with the newest innovations using both their acute research, financial, and technical skill sets they have developed over the years. Jackie founded HackingEDU — the worlds largest education hackathon in partnership with some of the biggest funds and accelerator such as 500 start-ups — GCP, KPCB, Accel, Y Combinator and many more. Kent was a global start-up winner of Angelhacks with his past start-up, airQuail, and has advised dozens of start-ups as the Chairman of Davis’ Entrepreneurial fund, which grew ideas into award-winning funded start-ups.

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