NULS Is A First Of A Kind Listing On Masternodes.Online

San Jose, CA — Today NULS announced its listing on MasterNodes Online’s (MNO) newly created Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism category that has been added to MNO’s existing Masternode coin listings. This new classification offers investors immediate insight to easily compare both DPoS and Masternode projects to make informed decisions based on the stability and potential returns of coin projects.

In this first of a kind move, MNO the premier masternode coin monitoring and statistics website, has chosen NULS to lead the way in the groundbreaking DPoS classification because of its unique attributes which include; simplicity and speed of staking, easy setup, immediate payouts, compounding, and unparalleled flexibility in management and control of coins.

The two teams have been working together over the past months to create this new category which demonstrates the benefits of the DPoS consensus mechanism. NULS hybrid node staking and experienced development team made it an easy choice to assist MNO’s continued expansion into the passive earnings space.

The new DPoS category on MNO has gone “live” with NULS today and is available for immediate use.

MasterNodes Online is the most comprehensive monitoring and statics service website providing data and resources to passive income investors.

NULS is an open-source, community-driven public blockchain platform. It features innovative modular-style architecture (microservices) consisting of separate modules which makes building a blockchain easy for enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals.

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