NULS Joins the Global Graphene Blockchain Application Centre

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We are pleased to inform you that NULS has officially joined the Global Graphene Blockchain Application Center (Graphic Application Center, GBAC) and served as the governing unit.

The Graphene Application Center is co-sponsored by the core of the graphene ecosystem in China and worldwide, covering resources such as developer communities, blockchain R&D companies, investment institutions, media, exchanges, vertical communities, and network security teams. Adhering to the initial focus of “Technology-Enhanced Graphene Block Chain Ecology”, developers will gather in the form of top graphene blockchain developers all around the world, build technology communities, conduct technical research, organize developer conferences and hackathon events. The main objective being to promote graphene blockchain technology.

Blockchain projects such as YOYOW, GXChain, Eurochain, and Platinum Chain are all psychological units in graphene applications.

We are looking forward to collaborating with this ecosystem and proud to be invited to join them !

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