NULS Launched LP Mode on SCO Staking Platform

2 min readNov 12, 2023


We’re pleased to announce that the LP mode is now live on NULS SCO staking platform! This action addresses the lack of liquidity issues in some SCO projects. It creates a better trading experience for SCO stakers while enhancing the variety of trading pair for NULS assets.

What problem does the POCM LP mode solve?

NULS POCM staking platform has launched over 50 projects across from the chains. Some of them are still in a very early phase of development, and for that reason, the project team can face an insufficient financial situation. When you delegate your NULS to their projects, you earn their tokens as rewards but you can’t trade the token you receive because the project side hasn’t added any liquidity for their token on any chains. The POCM LP mode aims to tackle this issue!

How does the LP mode work?

We all know that when a staker delegates their NULS to the SCO project, the staker will no longer receive NULS rewards. Instead, they will receive project tokens as rewards. The NULS rewards will be sent to the SCO project’s wallet. In the LP mode, this portion of NULS rewards will no longer be sent to the project’s wallet; instead, the NULS rewards will be added to NerveSwap as liquidity. The liquidity-adding process will be triggered automatically when stakers claim their SCO rewards. The gained NULS and the staker SCO token rewards will be added as liquidity to NerveSwap according to a fixed ratio and burned.

What do I need to do as a staker?

There is no change made on the user’s end, but if the project adopts LP mode, you should acquire that information on the project page.

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