NULS Mainnet Wallet V2.6.0 Upgrade

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Dear NULS Community,
NULS team plans to initiate a mainnet node wallet upgrade to V2.6.0 on June 2, 2020 (GMT+8 14:00). The V2.6.0 node wallet upgrade is mandatory. Once 80% of the consensus nodes have been upgraded to the latest version, the chain will continue to generate another 10,000 blocks before switching to the new protocol. Node operators must upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid impacting their credit scores.
Ordinary users do not need to take any action.
Update Enhancements and Fixes:
New: Supporting heterogeneous cross-chain protocol.
Optimization: Cross-chain validator mechanism update, optimize processing logic in extreme cases.
Optimization: Optimize the cross-chain communication mechanism to ensure the synchronization efficiency of basic information.
Optimization: The network time synchronization mechanism is optimized to solve the bug of inaccurate acquisition time of alternative solutions.
Fix: Optimization of NRC20 Token cross-chain transaction processing rules to resolve bugs in individual cases.
You can download it here

Node wallet upgrade guide
Thank you for your cooperation!

June 1, 2020

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