NULS Makes Big Moves in the Market and Bigger Moves on its Roadmap

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With NULS 2.0 on the horizon, we have seen some excitement building around NULS. The Alpha testing of 2.0 will soon move to our second testnet — an incentivized testnet aided by the Node Forge proposal and voted on by the NULS Global Community in anticipation of NULS 2.0.

Community developer and CCC member Berzeck has completed the most basic modules for Nulstar — the precursor and underlying basis of 2.0. Both are currently undergoing thorough internal testing and are scheduled to be released to testnet as early as April.

To prepare for the eventual marketing campaign and implementation of our branding strategy, a new website is currently being designed to help display some of the major design features and advantages of NULS 2.0 and Chain Factory — the groundbreaking enterprise blockchain product that will be based on 2.0 capability. As a taste of what’s to come, Chain Factory will also begin its developmental design phase in the Spring of 2019.

And while many other projects are just now starting to realize the benefits of an underlying microservices architecture, NULS leads the way and has already begun testing it with the first round of internal tests for 2.0 and Nulstar.

The lowest base level of a blockchain’s architecture must be compatible with the coding level of existing systems in order for existing systems to integrate the blockchain’s features. Otherwise, cost is increased while efficiency is lost. This is the main reason NULS 2.0 was designed — because there is a demand for this type of simple base architecture to enable the adoption of businesses by integrating existing systems with blockchain technology. It is not enough to simply be able to build a chain.

Meaningful adoption will begin with an underlying microservices framework which doesn’t require a business to build or start their blockchain integration from scratch. NULS 2.0 and Chain Factory will make it possible for a business to create a fully customizable, flexible, and easily updated blockchain perfectly suited to their specific needs in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. There are many projects in the space catering to the enterprise market, but NULS leads the vanguard of innovation with customizable modular services, only made possible by 2.0.

Many other developments will find their way to completion during the Spring of 2019, as the market appears to be making its return to positive sentiment. Wallet choices and alternatives have been a main priority of NULS throughout the crypto-winter and Ledger integration is entering its final stage of development. Binance’s Trust Wallet is an open-source, secure wallet service that is also being currently integrated by NULS and allows the user to always be in control of their private keys. Addition to Bitkeep wallet is also being integrated, and will allow users to stake, and vote from the wallet.

The desktop wallet for the 1.0 mainnet has been a cumbersome resource hog — and this is to be expected, because running the desktop version of NULS is nothing short of running a full node. Noticeably, other projects like ETH only used full node wallets in the early stages of development because of synching and memory requirements — a full node is not a wallet designed for everyday customer usage. In the past six months of development NULS has welcomed the addition of several light wallets — a web wallet, Moshe’s light wallet, and most recently the CCC’s Nytro wallet. Nytro is a stand-alone application that does not require users to access it by importing their private keys over the internet.

With all of this underway it is not surprising that the market is starting to warm up to NULS, even prior to the launch of a formal marketing campaign. Technological innovation takes time, and we appreciate the community’s support during the development of 2.0. Innovation has always been one of the major strengths of NULS, and we look forward to sharing some of the fruits of that innovation with everyone soon.Thank you NULS Community for all of your support!

The Core Team — #Nulsdeep and no sleep till adoption.

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