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What is NULS Message Signature DApp & How to interact with it?

1. What is NULS Message Signature DApp?

Signature verification DApp is one of the most commonly used tools as we speak of cryptos, considering it as a gateway that deepens our understandings in terms of blockchain and cryptography. In a blockchain ecosystem, signature verification DApp plays a vital role, especially when everything that runs on blockchain remains anonymous. Signature verification DApp gives us the ability to verify certain important information or to identify the ownership of a blockchain account. In the following content, we will give a brief introduction about it.

2. How to interact with NULS Message Signature DApp?

  • Visit, connect to the website with Metamask, Nabox wallet, or any web 3 wallets.
  • After connecting to, you will see these 4 functions, Sign, Verify, Encrypt, and Decrypt. See the following image:

Sign/ Verify/ Encrypt/ Decrypt

How to “Sign” and “Verify”

There are circumstances when we need to verify the ownership of an account, we can tell the person to use some information that others do not know, such as “I love nuls”, this person can enter “I love nuls” , on the “Sign” page.

Then use the information received from the previous page to verify.

To confirm ownership of a blockchain account, you must go through verifications to confirm that the source of the signature is the owner. This is commonly used in authority verification and account ownership verification.

Message “Encrypt” and “Decrypt” Function

Enter the content that you want to encrypt, fill in the account public key that can decrypt this content, click “Encrypt”, you can get a string of ciphertext, this ciphertext can only be decrypted by the private key of the corresponding account. You can use this function to send some important information. For example, it is very insecure to transmit the private key on the internet, but it’s very safe to decrypt the private key using this tool.

Enter “Decrypt” page to decrypt the ciphertext, then you will be able to see the Encrypted content.

What was being discussed above is one of the basic functions of asymmetric cryptography. The essence that makes blockchain secure is that everything that runs in the system is based on asymmetric cryptography. It is very suggested to run a test on the Message Signature DApp if you are a blockchain lover. Hope you have a further understanding of the logic of cryptography and blockchain, combined with your own experience and the introduction article!

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