NULS/Nerve Collaboration with MyCryptoPlay

NULS/Nerve is delighted to announce a collaboration with MyCryptoPlay.

MCP is a leading blockchain-based real-time fantasy trading platform that enables participation in various cryptocurrency price prediction contests.

Compete with peers all around the world — on the device of your choice anytime, anywhere. MyCryptoPlay will begin to build new products in the NULS/Nerve ecosystem this year.

The microservice modular design of NULS will make it easier for MCP developers to expand MCP to various platforms quickly. Building MCP on NULS gives multiple opportunities to go behind the fantasy trading and grow in the gaming market.

Trade, strategize, and make profits managing a $10,000 virtual portfolio. Experiment with strategies and decisions before participating in real contests. MCP is a great way to empower people with financial knowledge in a unique way that makes trading fun and easy to understand.

The adaptive blockchain platform NULS/Nerve features smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building. NULS/Nerve adds immense value to the MyCryptoPlay platform. Easy integrations, lighter transaction fees, cross-chain consensus, time-saving and across-the-board cost-effectiveness are some of the chief reasons MCP has chosen NULS.

MCP’s CEO Alex Galkin is an entrepreneur involved in designing, building, and implementing complex real-world products. He has worked with Microsoft and Cisco, wearing multiple hats. He is adept at handling global projects across geographically dispersed teams, managing teams, and innovating tech products to satisfy international customers.

Kimberly Wolfson, Senior Dev, is tech-savvy with a keen interest in computers and data science. His primary focus includes blockchains and machine learning. He has seven years of experience building large-scale platforms and leading teams at Goldman and JP Morgan. Kimberly builds near-real-time trading tools with seamless integrations of various technologies.

MCP’s strategy is to start small, with fewer startup funds, and efficiently spend those funds. The idea is to begin low-key, undersell, and then over-deliver. The public sale of MCP was sold out in 12 hours, first-round had a buying window of 12 hours, the remaining allocation of the unsold slots were sold out in the “First Comes, First Serves” — second-round in just 2 mins. They brought $4 million in volume under 12 hours after listing.

They have many updates planned for the upcoming weeks, including prototype launches, new partnerships, and teasers. Other plans include a staking program, research papers, community governance, AMA’s, and a lot more.

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

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