NULS/Nerve Eases Gas Fees for Heco Crossings

NULS/NerveNetwork is now subsidizing gas fees for NULS/Nerve cross-chain project connections to Huobi ECO Chain (Heco). Nerve and Heco have already established cross-chain asset circulation. The idea is to encourage Nerve/Heco projects and ease the burden a little for developers. The subsidy will be as NVT assets.

Nerve Already in Heco

Projects and assets on Nerve can now connect to and circulate assets between Nerve and Heco.

This existing interoperability extends to many chains and assets. NULS, NRC20, ETH, ERC20, NVT, BNB, HT (Huobi Token), HRC20, and other NULS parallel-chain assets can mutually transfer cross-chain. Click here to see the full list.

This support offered to Heco projects wishing to cross-chain into the NerveNetwork, with subsidized gas fees, will be via the node and staking system, providing a seamless experience for users.

Non-dev User Subsidies

Ordinary non-developer users on the NULS/Nerve network can use Nerve’s official light wallet (PC/Web), or, to cross ERC20 assets to Heco. Users can apply for subsidies for their Ethereum gas fees generated by crossing ERC20 to Heco, BSC, Nerve, and NULS networks. Nerve will only consider transactions with assets valued at more than $100, which helps avoid malicious transactions.


1. The subsidy is paid in Nerve NVT assets.

2. This subsidy covers one-way only from NerveNetwork to Huobi ECO Chain.

3. This does not include the gas fees for cross-chain transfers from Heco to ERC20.

4. The final interpretation rights of this offer belong to NULS/Nerve Network. If you have questions, please contact us.

NULS/Nerve Contacts

Western Region: Telegram: @Berzeck1

Chinese Region: WeChat: nervenetwork

The deadline to apply is Feb 28, 2021.

Click here to apply

Huobi ECO Chain Contacts



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