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After a period of combing and summarizing, the new revision and upgrade of the NULS documentation portal (Chinese & English) has officially been launched recently, which is now accessible and adaptable to mobile phone side.>

The NULS documentation portal is a collection of all the important documents of NULS. The columns of this update include:

  • NULS Overview
    Learn all about NULS, what it is and what it can do, and find out how to contribute to the NULS community through the following: joining in the development of main-net, reporting bugs, writing documentation, and translating documents, etc..
  • Users Guide
    Learn how to use NULS-related services, including the NULS Trading Guide, the NULS Node Wallet Guide (in preparation), the NULS Light Wallet Guide (in preparation), and more.
  • NULS Community
    Here you will find documents about NULS community evolution and autonomy including the community Constitution. There are documents about the NULS Ambassadors including participation and election rules, in addition to Community Fund Management and Use of Process. Read about how to become a NULS community developer by joining our Code Craft Council (CCC), and more.
  • How to Launch NULS
    This part of the document describes how to launch NULS with source code, and how to connect the wallet to NULS main-net and test-net.
  • Quickly Building A Chain
    If you want to build a private chain based on NULS this part of the documentation should help you.
  • Underlying Design Of NULS
    What is the modular design of NULS? What is NULS 2.0? This part of the document will help you answer these questions one by one, and elaborate on the design concept of NULS, as well as the design details of each module.
  • Smart Contract
    The NULS smart contract has already launched. Do you want to build a DAPP or other cool things based on NULS smart contracts? Then this part of the documentation will be what you want, including developer documentation, NRC standards, plugins, and some interesting smart contract examples.
  • Developer Tools
    NULS has always had a developer-friendly philosophy, so we will continue to provide more tools to developers. Developers can also find support here.
  • NIPs
    All proposals related to the NULS community are summarized here, through which you can learn more about NULS’s guidelines, constitutions, rules, and more.
  • NULS Portal
    The NULS documentation portal is only part of NULS informational content. If you want additional NULS information, just look here:

More documents are being improved and added. NULS is an open source, open-minded, and global community. We also hope that community members will actively participate with their own contributions to the NULS documentation portal. If you have any suggestions for optimizing the documentation library, or if you want to participate in document writing, you can send email to or message admins in NULS telegram directly.

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