NULS Open-Source Technology Meet-Up Successfully Held in Singapore

Open-source technical community is the driving force behind the innovation of blockchain technology. At 6:30 PM on Nov 21st, 2018 (SGT), the Open-Source Technology Meet-Up in Singapore, organized by the public blockchain project NULS, was successfully held at BitTemple Office. The event attracted nearly 200 developers. In addition to the blockchain developers, the attendees also included developers proficient in Java, C++, C#, Go, PHP and Node.js. The enthusiasm of Singapore developers was beyond expectations, and the scene was full.

Since the era of Bitcoin, the open-source community has played an absolutely important role in promoting the development of blockchain technology. It can be said that the community, especially the technical community, has gathered the core people to promote the continuous evolution and innovation of blockchain technology.

Nowadays, the rapid rise of the blockchain industry depends more on the promotion of the open-source community. The innovation of blockchain technology depends largely on the influence of the technical community. The open-source technical community is the foundation of the blockchain world, and a mature blockchain project will ultimately be autonomous by the community. The NULS technology meet-up focuses on the value and the meaning of the open-source technical community.

At the meeting, NULS CEO Liesa mentioned that the open-source technical community is the driving force for the innovation of blockchain technology and is of great significance to the development of blockchain technology. NULS attaches great importance to the construction of blockchain open-source technical community and she hopes more aspiring and visionary developers will join the open-source technical community. She believes that the open-source community under the incentive system has changed the production relationship. The open-source community enables members to share the achievements of technological innovation, and allows developers to conduct high-value development work and have positive competition. She pointed out the misunderstanding of the open-source community construction is that no attention to the establishment of life body and the pursuit of simple results of the outsourcing system, the guide rules for the open-source technical community are not clear, making it difficult for beginners to participate, the incentive system is not clear and the rules are opaque and the community falls into obsolescence due to lack of tolerance for innovative thinking. And the essential elements for a successful open-source technical community are clear guide process and tutorial for beginners- Process of the NULS Technical Community, open access to core technologies for discussion and construction, concept support and advocacy for supporting the strong technical community, good code attracting good coder and thinking of building a strong open source technical community as developing a product.

Liesa introduced that the NULS open-source technical community is equal, synergistic, sharing, fair and innovative. NULS CCC (Code Craft Council) is the core community development team and will work together with the core NULS development team. NULS hopes to unite the strength of developers, continuously make innovations and breakthroughs, promote the development of NULS ecology, share development achievements and contribute towards the development of the blockchain industry.

In particular, she mentioned that NULS has launched a new architecture of NULS 2.0, which is built to support the innovations of the future evolution of the NULS community and the fantastic creation of these blockchains. The new architecture introduces micro-service concept. Modules in this architecture are less coupled to each other. Multi-language development greatly improves the contribution of code and the convenience of users. Meanwhile, it is easier to extend, the module even supports distributed deployment and hot module replacement. At the same time, Chain Factory and Cross-Chain Modules are being developed in coordination with this architecture. Liesa especially appreciated NULS CCC member Berzeck for his work on designing and developing the NULS 2.0 architecture with the team. He changed his habits to work day and night, made an outstanding contribution to NULS 2.0. He proposed a more complete micro-service design, which coincides with the more flexible blockchain infrastructure we want to achieve and greatly promotes the evolution of the NULS 2.0 architecture.

Liesa also shared the powerful application of NULS — “Chain Factory”. The development of blockchain is very similar to that of the Internet. The blockchain itself is an upgraded version of the Internet, which can transfer value fairly. There are many applications on the Internet, and there is no interference between them. However, applications in the same chain in the blockchain will compete for resources, which is an urgent point to be optimized. Start a terminal to access the blockchain network, you can choose to participate in any chain application. And applications are isolated from each other’s data and business, but the value is interchangeable. We think it can be achieved. The Chain Factory is designed to achieve single-node and multi-chain parallelism, value interchange and business isolation. Based on the above advantages, it also lowers the threshold of using blockchain for the builders (enterprises and individuals). With the help of the Chain Factory, you can even implement customized blockchain applications or business systems without concern about the underlying technology of blockchain, which requires only four steps:

1. Select required modules from the module repository

2. Configure system parameters

3. Download the complete running package of the system

4. Deploy the system

Then a customized blockchain application or business system can be implemented.

As a special guest of this event, the CEO of MC Payment, which is a NULS eco-partner and a well-known payment service provider in Singapore, gave a brief speech at the meeting. He mentioned that NULS is an ecological partner that MC Payment attaches great importance to. MC Payment is advancing a stable utility Token, Euforia payment system, which will be built on NULS.

MC Payment CTO Sam offered us a presentation on the theme of “Financial Technology and Blockchain Developers”. He believes that the biggest pain points in the field of financial technology are money laundering, fraud, and fund security. Traditional methods inevitably have problems such as long credit time, long processing time, and high cost. We did not find the right solution until the blockchain appeared, these problems seem to be solved. He believes that the emergence of blockchain requires developers to have better way to address people’s needs, which is both a challenge and a rare opportunity.

It is worth mentioning that Naveen, a core member of the NULS technical community, also attended the event and delivered a speech on the theme of “How the technology community can quickly participate in the development of public chain projects”, bringing us practical work! Additionally, he gave a video demonstration of “Develop Smart Contracts Based on NULS”. NULS has clear guide to beginners and flexible and easy to use development properties, which were appreciated by the attendees.

Naveen also sent an invitation to developers on the spot. He hopes that more developers with dreams of the blockchain will join the NULS community and become his partners to jointly build the NULS project and contribute towards the innovation and development of the blockchain. Some attendees were excited to say that this is a good opportunity to engage in new technology, expand the high-end network, and achieve self-value. They seem to find the guide in the blockchain field, and the open and free open-source concept enables them to think freely and show their talents.

It is reported that this Singapore meet-up is the first station of the NULS open-source technology meet-up. Then, NULS also plans to hold such kind of meet-up in the US, South Korea, Taiwan, India and other countries/regions.

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