NULS Partners with to Bring DeFi Service to ENULS Ecosystem

, the First DEX in ENULS, has begun its beta-testing

3 min readMar 20, 2023

We‘re pleased to share that the first decentralized exchange,

, has now launched on ENULS testnet. Join the PheasantSwap beta-testing to get NULS ecosystem airdrop!

By the way, winners from the first round of NULS ecosystem airdrop have already been announced and distributed (30,000 NULS in total):

According to what we have announced: 60,000 NULS will be used to reward those who interact with NULS/ENULS ecosystem DApp, meaning that the rest 30,000 NULS will be airdropped in the 2nd round distribution.

If you haven’t joined the airdrop, kindly review our previous article to get more airdrop info:

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How to interact with PheasantSwap(beta) on ENULS test-net

Step #1

Claim ENULS Testnet token on faucet

Before you can interact with

, remember to claim some test tokens from the ENULS faucet:, here is how:

  1. Connect with your wallet.
  2. Request NULS test token by clicking “REQUEST 2 NULS”
  3. NULS (test token) will be sent to your address automatically.

Step #2

Switch to ENULS test net environment, connect PheasantSwap with your wallet

  • Choose your wallet to connect
  • Swap NULS (test token) your claimed from faucet to PST (test token)
  • After the transaction is completed, go to ENULS blockchain explorer. Click “View on EnulsScan”

Step #3

Join NULS Discord channel and submit your info in the google form

Our Discord channel

Submit info:

Step #4

Copy your transaction hash from ENULS explorer and submit it in a google form

As we have mentioned previously, in the 2nd round of NULS airdrop, around 30,000 NULS will be distributed to our ecosystem supporters in June. You can easily join by making a swap on

. Give it a shot and win some NULS away!


PheasantSwap is a decentralized AMM trading platform based on ENULS, which can achieve fast, low-cost, efficient, infinitely scalable, and decentralized trading through NULS parallel chains and cross-chain technology solutions. Through NULS and NerveNetwork cross-chain network, dozens of blockchain tokens can be transferred to ENULS, where we provide near-zero Gas fees, reducing the threshold for ordinary users to enter the blockchain and Web3 world.

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