NULS Q4 Top 5 Contributors

Election Results

After nearly one month of voting, the NULS community has selected the top 5 contributors of the fourth quarter of 2020.

So without further ado, please applaud our top five Contributors for Q4, 2020!

Li Ning
467489 Votes
Voting Rate: 27.41%

An early NULS investor from the community, Li Ning is a true NULS community evangelist.

Li contributes lots of time and energy to the development of the NULS community. He continued to propose NULS community volunteers in the fourth quarter of 2020. He leads volunteers in promoting NULS, manages NULS communities and other related activities.

Meanwhile, he also participates in the nurturing of NerveNetwork and other NULS ecosystem projects.

427007 Votes
Voting Rate: 25.03%

Our long-time, loyal friend, Viriato, sets an exemplary example of getting things done in the NULS community. Viriat0 supports managing the discord channel and also helps Portuguese ambassadors to expand the local market. He is also active on Berzeck’s WestTeam.

You can read more about what Viriato has been up to here:

408479 Votes
Voting Rate: 23.95%

Lucas is very active in the NULS Portuguese community. He quickly answers questions on our channels and creates some exciting chat in the community. Thanks for sharing your communicative talents with us. We hope all your seeds can grow to be trees.

195575 Votes
Voting Rate: 11.47%

Giovanni is very active in the NULS community. He regularly shares NULS related news in our community venues. He created the NULS community in to promote NULS more widely. Join the Hifriends NULS Brasil here:

Yuan Dongxian
187193 Votes
Voting Rate: 10.97%

Yuan is a NULS supporter who actively promotes NULS in different communities. He writes many innovative articles for NULS. Yuan, thanks for being an inspiration through your writing skills!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the community members who have contributed to NULS one way or another.

Leadership includes the capacity to translate vision into reality. Thank you, Top Five, and all NULS/Nerve contributors for setting an excellent example in our community.

We look forward to seeing even more outstanding contributions from our community members in NULS/Nerve’s continuous support.

For more info on voting:

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