NULS Reached A Strategic Partnership with VeriTAG at the Smart China Expo 2019

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On August 26, China Smart Expo 2019 (CSE) was held in Chongqing, China. NULS was invited to participate in this exhibition. On the same day, NULS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with VeriTAG, a Singapore technology company. They announced their strategic partnership together at the Smart Expo.

The strategic cooperation agreement between NULS and VeriTAG highlights that NULS will provide technical support for the underlying blockchain for VeriTAG. VeriTAG is planning on building its blockchain on NULS 2.0 platform.

In addition, NULS and VeriTAG will work closely with each other in the following areas using blockchain technology:

1.Docking international resources to promote the safe and sound development of China and international food industry;

2. Establishing an international food chain ecosystem to serve the food industry which includes the upstream and downstream industries. Promoting international cooperation among food-related enterprises, and providing a safer, trustworthy, and high-quality foods for Chinese and international consumers;

3. Through the technology and concepts on blockchain, pushing forward the development of all relevant enterprises, like building a transnational cooperation platform for international food-related enterprises, and facilitating enterprise resource sharing and mutual assistance.

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VeriTAG Jason introduces their products to Singapore Minister of Manpower and Second Minister of Home Affaris

VeriTAG is a Singapore-based technology company offers an innovative Cloud Tagging as its core technology. Cloud tagging combines cloud computers, blockchains, smartphones and digital tags to form an advanced tagging scheme, which greatly improves the ability of people to communicate and interact directly through intelligent products. VeriTAG will take NULS advantages in blockchain to achieve transparency in all aspects which includes food manufacturing, transmission in supply chains and sales. This Enables buyers and sellers to benefit from fast, rigorous and low-cost services. Putting food traceability as a corner stone, VeriTAG offers VeriHUB platform to food practitioners with a comprehensive and one-stop importing services.

NULS Co-founder Reaper joins the signing ceremony

NULS is the worlds first public-chain project integrating micro-services into blockchains. NULS 2.0 also brings modulation to maximum, which is flexible and easy to use. It supports multi-language development. At present, NULS has completed all development in NULS 2.0, and is upgrading of the mainnet from NULS 1.0 to 2.0. After the launch of NULS 2.0, NULS will focus on the layout of its own ecosystem.

As frontier runner in the field of blockchain and the value-of-Internet, NULS has launched its core product — NULS ChainBox, which allows users to build a chain under 10 minutes, and takes the lead in implementing the cross-chain technology. With the help of chain-building and cross-chain technology, NULS will build a blockchain ecological network which features multi-chain parallel and value-interactions.

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