NULS Seoul Conference 9/11/2018

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Our progress has recently attracted the attention of many investors and projects! Therefore, we are holding a NULS Korea Conference to consolidate our efforts as we break into the global business world.

Since the creation of NULS, we have quietly been innovating and building our infrastructure as promised. Amid all the doubts about blockchain technology, we are now ready to move forward into real-world application. In the past few months, we have grown immensely and many corporations, investment firms, and media have grown curious about our project. We hope to be one of the first blockchain companies to make a splash on the real-world economy and bring real solutions to people around the world.

We will be introducing three major projects building onto our infrastructure. Also, Yang Lin will present the technology behind NULS and provide more details on the long-awaited “Chain Factory.” The new NULS Korean advisor will be introduced as well.

There will be a live stream of the event and an English-subtitled video released afterwards. The conference is an open invite, but you must RSVP for dinner. More details about the projects are soon to come!

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