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NULS start trading on the USDT market!

On July 19th, 2018, NULS/USDT will start trading on DragonEx exchange.

NULS co-founder Reaper Ran, said “we are excited to work with DragonEx, because like NULS, they have ambitious plans to expand in the market place. This is more than an exchange listing, it is also a dynamic marketing partnership.”

As part of the agreement, NULS and DragonEx have committed significant resources to a cross-promotion, to build joint brand awareness.

Promotion Schedule

Open for deposits: July 18th, 11:00 Beijing time (GMT+8)
Open for trading: July 19th, 15:00 Beijing time
Promotion Runs: July 18th to July 25th

  1. Prize for Registration

a. Register with DragonEx and pass the ID authentication.
b. Join a NULS official telegram community:
English group:
Chinese group:
c. Send your DragonEx ID to @Nulser

All Users who have finished these steps will share a prize of 7,000 NULS between them. If you are already an existing member of DragonEx, proceed from point b.

2. Deposit Prize

Users who register and make a deposit for the first time, will receive one entry into a draw for the chance to win a Dragon Egg. The accumulated prize at time of publication is 15,000 DT.

3. Trading Prize

If your daily NULS transaction (buy + sell) reaches 3,000 USDT you will automatically be entered into a daily draw to win a Dragon Egg.

4. Transaction Prize

Prize for accumulated net buying volume (buy and sell):
First Prize: 1,000 NULS
2nd to 10th prize: Share 2,000 NULS at the rate of the net buying volume.
11th to 30th prize: T-shirt (To the Moon) from DragonEx.

About NULS

NULS recently successfully launched their main-net at a conference in Beijing. As an open source modular blockchain solution for enterprises, NULS are fast becoming considered thought leaders in blockchain technology and innovation.

About DragonEx

Based in Singapore, DragonEx recently opened large premises in Thailand and have immediate plans to expand into the US, Europe and Russia. They are committed to building customer service centers, offering 24/7 support, in North America, Belarus and Malta.

Notice: NULS tokens, like all cryptocurrencies, are open to price fluctuations. Investors should understand the investment risks before investing.

Your NULS Team

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