NULS Strengthens Partnership With Morpheus Labs

Partnership Update

Morpheus Labs and NULS have been partners since 2018, when they added NULS to the Morpheus Labs ecosystem and community.

“We are delighted to have reached a cooperation with Morpheus Labs. The solution output provided by Morpheus Labs will promote the application scenarios provided by NULS to world-renowned companies. We will provide support for Morpheus and enhance the popularity of blockchain applications worldwide” said Reaper Ran, Community Management Director and Co-founder of NULS.

This partnership allows enterprises and developers to experiment with various combinations of chains. They use the cross-chain consensus and the multi-chain mechanism provided by NULS on Morpheus Labs’ SEED.

Different industries can conduct their businesses with ease of integration and cohesion among the cooperative chains. The capability and technology are made possible by the NULS unique modular design.

ChainFactory Blockchain Solution

ChainFactory is highly efficient and cost-friendly. Blockchain developers can build their chain for free. After completing their blockchain, they send a request to Their email includes their NULS account, and NULS will reimburse the cost.

“We are excited about our partnership with NULS. With the combination of NULS blockchain solutions and Morpheus Labs SEED, including an extensive range of advanced dev tools, we will be providing high-quality blockchain solutions to enterprises across the globe. And, we will be strengthening our position to be the go-to platform for blockchain solution implementation,” said Chuang Pei Han, CEO of Morpheus Labs.

In June, Morpheus Labs launched its platform Morpheus Labs SEED version 2.0. The platform includes enhanced features, applications, and an end-to-end development environment for developers and enterprise clients.

Features include Enhanced Team Management, Campaign Management, and other customizable solutions. A diverse range of supporting services like distributed storage, databases, integration, digital assets, and key management is provided.

Developers get a smart contract-based incentive when they curate and publish their applications, which leads to a chance to commercialize and become a use case. These apps show up in the one-stop, low-code development platform App Library. Businesses can use these services to convert innovative ideas into viable businesses.

About Morpheus Labs

About NULS

The network includes various independent systems of functionality, which all work together. Modules can be hand-selected by each enterprise for the functionality needed.

The functionality consists of account, ledger, storage, consensus, and smart contract capabilities. Since every module performs independently, no module is dependent on another. This unique, flexible design makes building on the blockchain easy and cost-effective for businesses.

NULS has created a set of standards to industrialize blockchain technology. NULS stands for pluggability, modularization, and parallel expansion. Using NULS features such as smart contracts, multi-chain mechanisms, and cross-chain consensus reduces development and usage costs.

NULS promotes the application of blockchain in the commercial field and the interaction among different blockchains. The “chain” is the core of NULS development philosophy. NULS strives to build its core product ChainFactory as the grand ecosystem of blockchains.

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