NULS Strike A Deal With MC Payment

This will “contribute to the accelerated growth and globalization of NULS ”

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Picture: (left) Reaper Ran, NULS co-founder and (right) Joseph Christopher Koh, MC Payment, COO.

On June 8th, 2018, NULS signed a strategic partnership with MC Payment, one of the largest payment collection providers in Asia Pacific.

NULS co-founder Reaper Ran, said “we are excited to work with MC Payment because they have a very large well-established user base and are one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in Asia. This deal will significantly contribute to the accelerated growth and globalization of NULS.”

Established in Singapore in 2005, MC Payment is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, offering trusted gateway payment systems for both consumers and enterprises, as well as large corporate clients like Alipay. They have pioneered payment systems in the mobile and digital space and are rapidly expanding through acquisitions and joint projects into the blockchain arena.

The Partnership

MC Payment plan to build their own sub-chain on the main NULS network, laying the foundation for their own blockchain initiatives and partnerships in the future. In addition, MC Payment’s blockchain consultancy arm will work closely with NULS to attract further innovative blockchain projects into the ecosystem. As such, MCP will become an important partner in the ecological development of the NULS community as a whole.

As NULS is nearing completion of beta testing on our main network, confidence in the business community is growing exponentially. Recently, we also signed strategic partnerships with other enterprises including Inchain, HPIPS, BitShares, Devery, Keyring and AIWTC.

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