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NULS test-net v1.1.1-beta will be released tomorrow, September 18th at 4pm (Beijing time), (GMT+8).

This new version supports multi-account transfers, multi-asset transactions and functions to exchange small change. We have also fixed some bugs in the smart contracts.

Please download the latest version on Github:

We invite members of the NULS community to join the testing process and provide feedback on bugs and any possible vulnerabilities. We ultimately aim to launch a secure and stable network, delivering a reliable and user-friendly experience. Please send your feedback to

New Features

The wallet adds a Dust-to-NULS function which allows for the exchange of multiple small UTXO values (not exceeding the upper limit of a single transaction) into a single large one.

Note: The transaction cannot be made when the number of UXTO values is less than 20. If there are too many UTXO values, it will be assembled into multiple transactions and broadcast at one time. After the transaction is successfully broadcast, it can be seen from the transaction list.

The 1.1.1-beta version allows users to assemble transactions with script output.

It allows transactions to use multiple UTXO addresses for transfer, and each of the addresses will be signed.

It allows N different addresses to jointly generate an M-N multi-signal address, which can accept UTXO top-up, and the M addresses need to be signed when withdrawing.

When you initiate transactions, including transferring, establishing/ending a node, staking/unstaking, etc., if the amount of UTXO exceeds the upper limit, the page will immediately have a corresponding prompt.

Users can now check if a node has received a red card or not based on the node address.

Bugs Fixed

  • First 8 bytes of a network message removed
    The new version removes 8 bytes of the original non-NULS protocol in the network message.
  • Paging
    Fixed the bug of paging occasional malfunction on transaction list page.
  • Default address display
    Fixed the bug that the default address display is inconsistent when switching menu.
  • Transaction note now supports Chinese
    Fixed the bug that transaction note does not support Chinese.
  • Optimization of NULS error prompt
    The error prompt has been optimized for some of the wallet function, making it more accurate.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Your NULS Team.

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