NULS Token Swap Procedure

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Dear NULS community,

This is an advance notice to explain the NULS token swap procedure.

As main-net fast approaches, please be aware that your current NULS are ERC20 placement holders and will need to be swapped shortly for the new NULS token.

1. Exchanges

If you are storing your NULS ERC20 tokens on an exchange which supports the NULS token swap, you do not need to do anything. The swap will be automatic.

Confirmed exchanges supporting the NULS token swap, so far, are:

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For other exchange users, please pay close attention to official notices from your exchange to ensure that they will support the swap, we are still waiting on some confirmations.

2. ETH Wallet Users

Two swap solutions for people with ERC20 tokens in an ETH wallet:

Solution A:This is the easiest solution. Simply transfer your ERC20 tokens to one of the above exchanges before the swap process begins and the swap will be completed automatically for you by the exchange. If for some reason you miss the swap deadline and do not transfer in time, then you must follow solution B.

Solution B: If you do not want to transfer your ERC20 tokens to an exchange for security reasons, or you miss the exchange deadline, then please use this solution. NULS will provide you an assigned ETH account for recycling ERC20 tokens. You should transfer your tokens to the assigned ETH account and we will transfer the equivalent amount of new NULS tokens back to your NULS wallet when your ERC20 tokens are received. You have 3 months to claim your tokens in this manner.

Detailed procedures are as follows:

a. Go to the NULS official website ( where there will be a dedicated area for the token swap. You will be asked to enter your main-net NULS wallet address. NOTE: Do not enter your ETH wallet address (such as a MEWS address). You need to enter a NULS wallet address. If you do not have a NULS wallet at the time, you will be prompted to download the NULS wallet and create one.

A dialog box will pop up once you submit. Please copy or write down your recycling address shown in the box. (This will be a randomly generated address).

c. Transfer your ERC20 tokens to your recycling address.

d. NULS will transfer the equivalent number of new tokens to the NULS wallet address you provided in section a. This will be completed in real time, once NULS confirms that ERC20 tokens have been received.

e. If you input your NULS wallet address again, you should see your transfer records, including date, amount and status. Check this to ensure there is no error.

Additional Notes

a. Don’t be scammed! Your recycling address, is the only address you need. Scammers may try to promote a false swap address on social media channels like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc, claiming to be the official NULS team. Don’t fall for it!

b. In the unlikely event you fail to receive your new NULS tokens within 24 hours, please ensure that you take a screenshot of your transfer, or transaction snapshot and contact the NULS technical team. We will be happy to help you.

c. Download the NULS client and generate a NULS wallet address. Backing up your private key will ensure your property safety.

d. Mapping (token swap) will begin after the commencement of main-net and last 3 months. Please finish the operation before the deadline, otherwise a manual handling fee of 1% of pre-mapping tokens will be incurred.

e. Don’t forget to re-enter your NULS address after the account transfer, to check your transfer information, including date, amount and status to ensure there is no error.

Your NULS Team

June 14th, 2018

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