NULS v1.0.2 Bugfix

Important Notice:

During the process of upgrading, the NULS main-net v1.1.0 protocol is not fully compatible with the old v1.0.1 protocol. Thus, some nodes are unable to receive the new blocks and the credit ratings are dropping.

The NULS team is working on this issue right now. Our technical team is back in the office and will not leave until this issue is fully resolved. There will be a new announcement on the upgrade after it is completed. As of right now, for the stability and security of the main-net, we request all node owners to do as instructed:

· If you are still on v1.0.1 and everything is working as intended, you may leave it as is.
· If you have upgraded to v1.1.0, please switch to the bug fixed main-net v1.0.2. Otherwise, issues, such as unable to generate new blocks or credit loss, might occur.
· If you’re not a node owner, no extra steps need to be taken. Please give some time and do not panic if the node credit has dropped.

To switch to v1.0.2:

· Download wallet v1.0.2.
· Decompress the files to your local directory.
· Stop operating the previous version of the wallet.
· Launch the wallet v1.0.2.

We would like to take this time to thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Your NULS Team

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